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November in school is always such a great month. The rehearsals for the Christmas time nativity plays are about to start. The festive crafts are something that we always love. Making hedgehogs from fallen leaves, and more recently my daughter’s Reception class had homework, which was to create a self-portrait from natural materials. For the first time, all of my girls are in school. This September saw my eldest go from home educated, for the last six years, to Year 7 – and I couldn’t be more proud. And, my youngest daughter started reception. She was nervous on her first day, but it didn’t take long before she fell in love with her teacher. School days can be some of the most frustrating times we have as parents, but also some of the ones that make you so proud your heart could burst. 

On that home education note, Clare who writes at Freddie’s Mummy reached out to kids to talk about what they love about home education. I was super interested to read some of the reasons the children give. It is refreshing to see a post written from a different point of view, in fact, you might say it is the most important point of view!

“I like to be home educated because I get to stay home and I love learning with my mum” – Kairi, age 5

“Home-schooling gives me the freedom to learn new things in my own time” – Cameron, ages 12

If you still haven’t mastered the morning school run, don’t worry you’re not alone. Emma, from Brummy Mummy of 2, penned a hilarious 18 step post to getting out the house each morning.

“Remember that if you say “HURRY UP!” they will do the opposite”.

A post that struck a chord with me, after also having an underwhelming half term was Sarah from MumofThree World. Sarah has written a post that talks about what they got up to in half-term, and the reason I found this post a breath of fresh air is that it was simple, honest and finishes with the line –

“it might not have been the half term I would have chosen for us, I but I think it was the half term my kids needed.”

I would love to read your school or home education posts! You can send them to [email protected] any time, or tweet links to me @mojoblogs. You can read what I’ve been up to lately on my blog Till next time! 

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