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Carrie blogs at Flying With A Baby after a 12 year career as cabin crew, visiting over 60 countries. Since marrying an Aussie and flying long haul with her eldest at 11 weeks, she realised she wanted to help other families travel. She set up Flying With A Baby; covering all aspects of family flying – from preparation to arrival, family holiday destination guides, family friendly hotel and airline reviews, holiday tips, activities and much more. With a now 3 & 6 year old in tow, she aims to help families with kids of all ages with their travel questions, whatever their mode of transport or destination. Here she shares how she nearly doubled her website traffic using savvy tactics for SEO! Over to Carrie…

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Firstly, I’m not one of those bloggers who instantly knew what to do nor am I techy. Heck, it took me nearly 4 years of blogging to learn what DA was and that there were blogging support facebook groups! My social media is about 1k on Instagram, 2.5k on Twitter and 4k on Facebook and I’m by no means an SEO expert, however in May I had my best ever blog monthly page views- almost double what they were in March and the preceding months. Below are my tips on how you can increase you page views too.

By some fluke, and due to VERY lucky blog name, people found my blog via organic searches in Google. It was doing pretty well with an average of 45,000 monthly page views but then it just plateaued. Despite me writing more posts, better content etc the page views didn’t change a great deal for several months. After a really great session at the last BritMums conference, the importance of good SEO began to sink in. However, the rat race of keeping up with new content (I post once or twice a fortnight) social media, pitching and life in general meant that a good read up of SEO continually kept being pushed down to the bottom of my to-do list. I thought just having a green light on Yoast was enough. It’s not. It helps, but there is SO much more. Below are my top tips to increase your monthly page views using key word search and how in just 2 months I now have over 80,000 MPV!

Check your site speed.

I use Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights. Don’t just check your home page but look at how your most popular posts are doing. Ideally you want both mobile and desktop to be in the green for page speed and optimisation on Google Page speed. To see a breakdown of why it isn’t, look at Pingdom and pay close attention to the ‘waterfall’ . If you have a lot of issues, it’s worth paying for an expert to fix them . I now pay $20 a month to a company called I’ve only been with them since April,but so far I’ve found them incredibly helpful and efficient, and importantly yes my site is now speedy. Every page is optimised and their product is easy to use.

Use a key word tool.

I used to use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner which helped a little, but it just isn’t detailed or targeted enough. I now use Keysearch which I think is genuinely brilliant and has clearly worked for me. Keysearch is easy to use. Simply put in a keyword or long tail phrase and it will tell you the exact volume of people searching for that term, the top 10 sites ranking for this along with their DA and whether they have the terms in their url, title and description. It will also offer you multiple keyword suggestions options. There are many other features too which I still need to explore.

Before you write a post, check if people are actually searching for that information. There is little point (business wise) writing a post about the best parks for kids in London, if no one is searching for that information. If you need to write about a topic that no one is searching for or is incredibly hard to rank for, think of alternate keywords or a different spin on the topic that you can rank for.

When thinking of keywords to research, consider using long tail keywords. Think about what your reader will type into Google. Posts which answer questions or are useful usually rank better.

Update old successful posts

Google loves it when you update a post. Go back to old ones which are bringing in some traffic and improve them. Can you add more helpful information, are there any more keywords you can use?

Make use of subheads and table of contents

Use keywords in your subheadings and consider using a table of contents plugin. I use Easy Table of Contents. This make it easier for readers to see that your page is going to help them.

Update your meta description

Spend time on your meta description. It is this which will make the reader decide whether to click through to your site or not. Make sure you are letting them know that you have the answers to their question.

Do you have other ways to boost your website traffic? Please let us know in the comments!

You can see more from Carrie at her website and YouTube channel.

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  1. 10 July 2018 / 19:11

    Super post. I would recommend manually submitting posts (new and archive, popular ones to Google too). Exposure Ninja SEO expert Nicola Tuxford advised I do this and it helps a lot: Submitting speeds up the indexing and ranking.

  2. 11 July 2018 / 19:42

    Thank you for this – I will definitely check out Keysearch. I have recently moved from Blogger to WordPress too, and my DA is a pathetic 5 lol.

  3. 16 July 2018 / 23:50

    Thanks for this Carrie, really useful…I just need to sit down and properly get my head around SEO. Keysearch sounds like a brilliant tool for helping!

  4. 17 July 2018 / 09:40

    Great post, SEO is a bit of a headache and it needs time spent on it, for me to understand it first and then implement the tools. Will save this post for future reference.

  5. 18 July 2018 / 12:06

    Great tips here! I saved to read as SEO is something I struggle with (apart from using Yoast which is brilliant), and one of those elements of blogging that I keep meaning to get my head around. Really helpful, thank you x

  6. 19 July 2018 / 14:36

    Very helpful and finally something I can get my head around. Who would of thought this blogging world would be so confusing. Thank you for sharing your advice Carrie.

  7. 19 July 2018 / 21:46

    I’m honestly just looking into keyword research for real and this post is the best. Pinning, too!