Daylight & Mood: 10 perfect Pinterest boards for uplifting home spaces #ad #VELUXdaylight

There’s nothing quite like daylight and fresh air to positively impact our mood at home. Study after study show that these elements can lift our spirits and make family life better. By installing VELUX roof windows in a single storey extension or loft conversion you can invite in daylight, improve ventilation and transform your home!

Here, we feature 10 of the best Pinterest boards to provide inspiration and ideas for your home. This post is sponsored by VELUX.

  1. Turn a loft conversion into a great kids’ space

The name of the board by Gill from A Baby on Board says it all: “Loft conversion ideas – light and bright interior inspo”. There’s inspiration galore here to make a loft conversion feel like an area your kids will love. There’s everything from a fun kids’ bedroom that doubles as a play space, a space for your older child to study and chill, to bedrooms where they can look up at the stars after lights out. Sweet dreams indeed.

Loft conversion ideas — light and bright interior inspo #ad

girl at desk with VELUX roof windows

  1. Go further – create a loft playroom

Here’s a way to ensure you never see your children again – turn the loft conversion in a playroom they call their own. They’ll have plenty of daylight to sit at a small table to colour and play games, room to climb into their bunk beds, or just a great atmosphere for hanging out in. The great thing about doing a playroom with VELUX roof windows is that it will last until their teen years, when they want a space to call their own even as post-secondary life beckons. Check out Emma’s ‘Beautiful Loft Playrooms’ Pinterest board for inspiration!

Beautiful Loft Playrooms

Playroom featuring 3 VELUX windows


  1. Create a single-storey extension the whole family will love

What do you do when you have a growing family, like Catherine who blogs at A Growing Family? Make your single storey extension a living space for the entire family! We love the way the multiple VELUX roof windows in her “Light, bright interiors” Pinterest board bring in so much natural light. Whether placed above dining tables and family rooms, over kitchen counters and sofas, they make this extra space inviting for all kinds of activities.

Light, bright interiors #ad

Single-storey extension with VELUX roof windows

  1. Turn indoors into a light-filled haven

We often think of daylight filled rooms as making us happy. On Clare Mansell’s “Natural Light” Pinterest board (she blogs at Maybush Studio), we see how the natural light brought in by VELUX roof windows  can create calming and serene loft and extension spaces. Looking at her inspirational pins, you can imagine having a moment together with your children after school or finally getting that time to sit down and read a book. Bliss.

Natural light #VELUXdaylight #ad

Studio sofa sitting room with VELUX windows


  1. Make a daylight-filled loft bathroom

Fancy sitting in your bath gazing out at a view or standing at the sink as daylight pours in? Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos features ideas on her Bathroom Loft Conversion Pinterest board that show sunshine filled spaces along with tasteful tiles and gleaming fixtures. Yes, please!

Bathroom Loft Conversation Inspiration #ad

Bathroom with VELUX windows from Extraordinary Chaos

We didn’t know loft conversion bathrooms could be this bright with natural daylight!


  1. Get dramatic!

Darling, now is your moment! Who knew that creating a loft conversion was an opportunity to break out your inner Eddie Izzard. That is, you can get dramatic and think big with well-placed roof windows framing glorious views, or making a feature of roof beams, angled walls and steepled ceilings. Check out the ‘Natural Light through VELUX Roof Windows’ board by Jenni from Chilling with Lucas. It’s (day)light, camera, action!

Natural Light through VELUX Roof Windows #ad

VELUX roof windows in loft extension bedroom


  1. Cook up a brighter kitchen

Whether your kitchen is about family meals or lively entertaining (it is where everyone ends up at a party), multiple VELUX roof windows make it a tempting place any time of day. Even a narrow space becomes the perfect setting for creative cooks (and their little helpers!) Chrissy from Organise My House provides inspiration in her board, ‘Kitchen Extensions using VELUX roof windows’. (Some taken from her own home!)

Kitchen extensions using VELUX roof windows

Kitchen extension with VELUX roof windows

Picture: Organise My Kitchen

  1. Make mine a modern kitchen

Becky shows off even more ideas for kitchens in her board ‘VELUX Kitchen Roof Windows’. Perfect for the modern cook – featuring daylight, fresh air and contemporary touches like, exposed pale bricks, Scandi-style and more!

VELUX Kitchen Roof Windows #ad

Modern kitchen with VELUX roof windows



  1. Create texture in the bathroom with daylight, clean lines and patterns

Laura from Side Street Style has scoped out some amazing loft conversion bathrooms on her Pinterest board which demonstrate how these light-filled and airy spaces can look clean and streamlined but with added interest. Tiles in sophisticated modern grey, lime-washing wood, geometric tiles with contrast grouting, towels you want to wrap up in, bathmats you want to step out onto. There are even plants that frill or feather, bringing even more nature indoors. After all, there’s plenty of daylight to help them grow.

VELUX Daylight Bathrooms #ad

Scandi-design bathroom with VELUX roof window


  1. Swoon-worthy ideas for Single Storey Extensions and loft conversions

At BritMums we’ve curated our own collection of swoon-worthy rooms – both single-storey extensions and loft conversions that do something different. We desperately want the loft dressing room, with natural daylight to help us choose our outfits. Or the kitchen with exposed beams and VELUX roof windows lighting up the island for cooking. Or the loft bedroom with four roof windows to gaze out of upon waking (why stop at just one?). Find these ideas and more on our board: ‘Gorgeous daylight and mood at home’

Gorgeous daylight and mood at home #ad

Loft extension sitting room 4 VELUX windows


What’s your favourite use of VELUX roof windows? Which room in your house would you like to flood with daylight?

Have we inspired you? Make sure you also enter the BritMums and VELUX competition, with £800 worth or prizes available (1 x £200 John Lewis Voucher and 8 x £75 John Lewis Voucher). To enter, create a Pinterest mood board showing how VELUX roof windows bring daylight and fresh air into homes. You can include images from your own home, images from your dream homes, or include plans you are making for your own extension or loft conversion.


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