Dads Round-up: Halloween happiness, Halloween horror

It feels like summer is barely over and already half a term has passed at school, the clocks have gone back and it’s dark when I leave the office in the evening. Winter is coming. (They should use that as the slogan for a TV show …) But what did my fellow dads get up to this Halloween?

Let’s kick off with Adam (Stories of a Dad). He wishes us a happy Halloween as he reflects on Halloweens past and present and shares his top five trick-or-treating tips.

Chris from Out of Depth Dad reminisces about when Halloween used to be scary. That was back in the days when our parents fashioned our costumes out of black bin bags and safety pins. He also proposes a novel idea for trick-or-treat handouts that should frighten any kid away. I might try that next year as our mountain of fun-size sweets proved woefully inadequate in the face of the sugar-fuelled hordes of vampires, witches and Marvel superhero-costumed terrors who descended on our street.

Not everyone is a Halloween fan, however. Nige (DIY Daddy) explains why it’s just not his cup of tea. Or bowl of pumpkin soup, if you will. Speaking of pumpkin dishes, Olly (Savvy Dad) shares his recipes for pumpkin soup, crisps, cake and toasted seeds. So now there’s no excuse for binning all that hollowed-out pumpkin flesh in the rush to create ever more elaborate Jack-o’lanterns. I reckon this was the last year I’ll get away without adding at least an animated GIF or a hologram.

In a slightly different vein, DadGeek Leigh shares his list of ten family-friendly Halloween films. This covers everything from Charlie Brown to Mike and Sully. I can’t believe the all-time classic Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein didn’t make the list, though.

Stephen from Nomadi Daddy vlogs about Baby’s first Halloween. He takes his son Atlas to a patch of the biggest pumpkins you have ever seen. Look out for him dressed in the cutest trick-or-treating outfit ever too. Aww.

And last but by no means least, former dads’ co-editor Dave the DADventurer reflects on the first Halloween his daughter will properly remember.

Right, so that’s Halloween done and dusted. Next stop: Christmas. Groan.

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