Dads Round-up: Giving dads a voice

dadsIn February’s dads’ round-up, Dave put the spotlight on the growing army of dad vloggers. But did you know that the last year or so has also seen an increase in the band of brothers who have picked up a microphone and started sharing their thoughts on fatherhood via the audio medium of podcasts?

No? Well, here’s a papa podcast primer.

What is a ‘podcast’ anyway?

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, think of them as pre-recorded radio shows. Or as vlogs minus the visual element, which is good news for those of us with the proverbial face for radio!

Podcasts can be listened to or downloaded to computers, tablets or smartphones via websites, iTunes and various podcasting apps such as Soundcloud and Spreaker. Like blogs and vlogs, they vary widely in terms of both content, style and length. They can be anywhere from a few bite-sized minutes to an hour or more.

What makes podcasts great is their flexibility. You can listen to them at home, while travelling or even when you’re at the gym. Even more so than blogs and vlogs, because you don’t need a screen they allow you to absorb content no matter where you are. Plus you have the added bonus of hearing what some of your favourite bloggers actually sound like.

Five to try

Don’t know where to start? Here is a selection of dad podcasts to try, catering for a broad variety of tastes.

Let’s kick off with the new kid on the block. Literally, as James’ co-host is his impressively articulate five-year-old son Harris, with guest appearances by older sisters Hollie and Autumn. Talking with Dad revolves around father/son discussions about a chosen topic of the day, in listener-friendly ten-minute doses, providing a fascinating generational contrast in views on everything from school to Shakespeare.

Podcasting isn’t all about enthusiastic amateur dads. Jim Coulson has a background in radio presenting and stand-up comedy and both these talents shine through in his fortnightly Bewildered Dad podcasts, which revolve around his experiences with his daughter Elsa. The show can also be heard on Hull Kingston Radio.

A Dad’s View is a veritable international affair. Hosted by the ceaselessly energetic Richard (aka SpannersReady), a veteran of multiple podcasts, the ADV podcast describes itself as ‘a safe place for dads’ away from the prying eyes (well, ears) of women. Here a group of dads from both sides of the Atlantic convenes to share their thoughts on fatherhood. Far from denigrating mums, this is a place where dads come together to talk about their real experiences, both positive and negative, in a self-deprecating and funny way without fear of being ridiculed (except by each other).

The grand-daddy of UK daddy podcasts is Love All Dads. Brought to you by the regular team of John, Darren, Tom and Lewis, LADs passed the notable milestone of 100 episodes early this year. Relaxed and irreverent, the guys take a weekly look at current parenting topics in both the blogosphere and the wider world.

I should also draw your attention to my own podcast Meet the Parents. We provide perspectives from both dads and mums of differing backgrounds and family types on a variety of parenting topics. Tune in and you might well recognise some familiar names and discover the voices behind them.

Finally, keep an eye out for John from the blog Dadyougeek, who will be launching his new podcast, Behind the Blog, soon.

Whether you’re a veteran listener or a total newbie, why not give the world of dad-based podcasts a try?

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