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Typically British, let’s start off discussing the weather and how now it’s October it’s changed, changed back and again. I’m not quite sure what’s happening, last week I brought the big coat out of retirement and this week the shades are back on! 

Anyway, this month I wanted to bring you a few thought provoking articles all written by Dad Bloggers. They’re posts that have made me have a think and also show off that we dads can get deep into thoughts about parenting and express our ideas too. 

First up is Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog and his post ‘Do We Protect Our Daughters More Than Our Sons?‘ Having 2 girls and a boy myself this is something I can relate to and it gave me food for thought. As Nigel asks in his post, do we naturally protect our daughters more than our sons, is it almost a given that our young males will be strong and achieve their goals, but our young daughters may need extra help? In my opinion there’s some very outdated thoughts that are still very present in today’s world. Great post by Nigel. 

Secondly we have a follow on from Nigel’s post, it’s Dave from The Yorkshire Dad Of Four and his post ‘Letting Our Daughters Fly‘. After reading Nigel’s post, Dave, a father of four girls has put forward his opinions. Dave talks about allowing his girls to take risks and enabling them to feel confident in their own abilities. Knowing Dave as I do, he’s a great role model for his daughters and has created an equally thought provoking article on parenting daughters. 

Alan from OMG It’s A Girl in his post ‘Raising Successful Kids‘ has had me thinking about different things you can say and do with your children to help them develop a little grit. Alan talks about grit, determination and exactly what success really means in today’s world. Alan questions the ‘trophy for taking part’ method in schools and links to some really interesting articles that reveal what characteristics are needed to become successful. I was just happy that I have a few of the required characteristics, go see if you have too 🙂 

Martyn at Inside Martyn’s Thoughts has written a blinder here with Be A Man’s Man And Man Up. So much of Martyn’s thought process that he shares in this post is right in line with myself. Martyn talks about letting his boys do and play whatever they want, whatever makes them happy, including dolls and nail painting. I too have the same thought process of there not being girls toys and boys toys, there’s just toys. Martyn also discusses his upbringing being a non-typical boy and now a non-typical man. It’s really insightful, honest and definitely runs with this months theme of thought provoking. 

Last but not least is Carl from DadtasticVoyage with his post Why Arguing In Front Of Your Kids Isn’t Always A Bad Thing. The title alone grabs your attention doesn’t it. I would like to give my own opinion and tell you that I sit somewhere along the line of, it depends on how you define an argument and a disagreement, however I’ve been known to have a ‘discussion’ with Donetta my wife in front of the kids before. Has it done any harm, how can we measure the harm it can do and quantify such a statement when everyone’s arguments are at different levels. I don’t know, have a read and see what Carl thinks. 

There you go, grab yourself a cuppa and have a read of this lot, it’ll get your thought juices flowing that’s a certainty. 

If you would like to see more from me on my Dad Blog, head over to and for loads more content from myself and my wife, head over to 🙂 

Thanks for reading, 

David 🙂 


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