Dad Bloggers Round-up: It’s the holidays

dad round upWell the summer holidays are here, which means firstly that finding time to write a blog becomes much more difficult for parents and secondly that many people are taking their annual vacation.  Nevertheless the show must go on, I’ve been busy re-evaluating my blog and have decided to just write about what interests me, rather than trying to fit into a niche, oh and did I mention that we visited Camp Bestival last week.  Great fun and a well needed break for all of us, but I am not the only one who has been away from home.

In fact I am in awe of John over at Files and Records at the moment following his holiday journey.  We all know that travelling with children can be quite stressful on occasion, but when you set out from the Shetland Isles and head for France the journey involves planes, trains and automobiles.  Which requires a bit of thought as a single traveler, let alone with five children in tow, Sir I doff my hat to you.

While we are travelling may I point you in the direction of Mr P’s journey with the aid of a satellite navigation system.  Having recently had the somewhat dubious pleasure of using one myself, I prefer maps, it was interesting to see that someone else was less than completely satisfied with the latest in route finding technology.  To be fair he is not quite as unimpressed as I was, probably because up until a few years ago my job involved driving for a living, however his observations regarding road closures are interesting, especially when you consider all of the events taking place at the moment, you can check out his thoughts here.

Mark who writes The adventures of Sonny and Luca also has also been on a trip this month, into outer space as it happens.  This is something that I can really relate to, every cardboard box that enters our house doubles up as some kind of vehicle or building before finding its way to the recycling bin.  So the creation of a spaceship from a washing machine box makes perfect sense to me, plus it is always nice to see how far you can go without actually leaving home, great fun.

Another dad who has been away recently is Alex who writes the well known Daddacool blog.  In his case it was a trip Butlins in Bognor Regis as he is a member of their ambassador program.  Now although the holiday is supplied free of charge you can always count on Alex to speak his mind and give an unbiased view, so it was really interesting to see just how impressed he was with his trip.  Actually his feedback is so impressive that I may put in on my own list of places to go, it sounds great.

That, as they say, is it for another month, short and sweet this time as I have a queue of hungry children awaiting my presence in the kitchen.  Have a nice August and I’ll be back with a new look round-up next month.

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After quitting the rat race to study, Andy is usually found in the kitchen, baking and creating delicious snacks and meals for his five children and wife. However he is also known to share his culinary skills with the readers of his blog as well as his love of all things motoring.


  1. 06 August 2012 / 13:48

    I only blogged this morning how I have neglected posting anything for a while and have promised to play a bit of catch up and get posting.

    • Andy
      06 August 2012 / 16:35

      Something we all suffer from now and again, sure you’ll be fine.

  2. 06 August 2012 / 14:45

    Hey just popping in to say Hi! from Edinburgh…we are Scotland’s only free musical playgroup on every Sat…and we blog too!…check us out..

    Loving your work.


  3. 06 August 2012 / 16:23

    Another great dad blog round-up, Andy. Great!

    • Andy
      06 August 2012 / 16:35

      Thanks very much:)