Dad Blogger Round-up: Blogging, the latest fashion?

I know I’ve not been around for very long in comparison to some of the massively established bloggers. But, even after being in this game for only just shy of 18 months, I’m seeing huge changes in 2017 on the blogging scene. 

The bigger bloggers are getting even bigger and the opportunities for newcomers are vast! It seems to me that 2017 is a great year to start tapping on your keyboard and sniffing out a possible new career or just some extra spends. Of course there are many bloggers that do it purely for the love of writing. But, the number one question I’m asked almost daily is, how do you make money blogging?

Blogging seems to be the fashion trend of 2017. People I know personally are even taking notice. 

With this in mind I’ve been interacting with and seeking out new Dad Bloggers and came across this lot…

Carl at Dadtastic Voyage has written So you’re thinking about being a Stay-At-Home Dad.  Carl dishes out some valuable advice to any Dads thinking of taking up the role of Stay-At-Home Dad. As he says in his ‘About Me’ section ‘I am now two years into the ‘job’ and I have no serious injuries or fatalities to speak of’. – So he’s in a better position than most 🙂 

Shaun who’s blog is The Modified Dad is making serious moves at a fast pace in the Dad Blog world. What’s most impressive is that he’s set up a blog, written several posts and welcomed his second daughter into to the world all in the same week! My favourite post of Shaun’s so far is …and then there were four. Shaun tells us his version of events the morning his second daughter was born and as a little bonus, there is a link in Shaun’s post to his partner Taryn’s version too. 

My next new Dad Blogger is Adam who writes along with his partner Eileen at 2 Nerds And A Baby. This post is short and sweet but hits the spot. The Consequence Of Being A Dad Being an avid follower of 2Nerds on Instagram in particular it’s so refreshing and great to see a young dad not only taking responsibility for his family, but documenting it via blogging too. 

That covers the new bloggers. Now, talking about 2017 being what seems a great year for Bloggers, Daddy Poppins is going from strength to strength. Benny has me in stitches regularly, especially with his Instagram Stories. He’s had me laughing again with his latest post the ‘will we watch something on Netflix?’ argument. I think most of us will relate to this post. 

And finally, finishing off with a guy that epitomises my earlier statement ‘the bigger bloggers are getting even bigger’, there’s Nigel DIY Daddy Blog. Top Ten lists, awards events, it’s all happening for Nigel this year. The best part and something the new bloggers mentioned above should take note of, is that it’s all down to sheer hard work. Stay humble, work hard is what springs to mind when thinking of Nigel. Here’s one of his latest posts that I could relate to and I think you will too, School Trips My Fears.

There we have it. With 2017 looking like a great year for Bloggers, here are some new, quickly rising and at the top selections for you. Go read and enjoy. 

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About David Shaul

David, husband of one, dad of three and servant of all four. Also known as DadvWorld, where he blogs and vlogs about his life taking on the world as a dad. David started blogging in early 2016 and then included a YouTube channel shortly after. Living in South Yorkshire with his family, he and his wife Donetta home educate their 3-year-old boy Corben whilst their girls, Kiera, 12 and Abi, 11 attend an expeditionary secondary school which have very different teaching methods to the ‘norm’. David tries to cover the funny and serious sides of parenting, from an imaginary house tour with talking toys, to life changing decisions such as home educating. Oh and there’s also the Pug, Peppa….


  1. 14 July 2017 / 05:57

    Good round up David. I’ve noticed dad blogging going up a gear this year too. Nothing stands still!

    • 18 July 2017 / 14:49

      It doesn’t. Got to keep moving up there at the top haven’t you 🙂

      Thanks for reading John 🙂

  2. 18 July 2017 / 20:58

    What a great collection of dad bloggers! I definitely recognise a lot of these names, and it’s lovely to hear of a few new ones too! Someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #blogcrush linky party! Woop woop! #blogcrush

    • 18 July 2017 / 22:36

      Oh wow, that’s brilliant! And thank you for your kind words! Some beauties in this list isn’t there 😃