Dad blogger round up: New school term

dadsFirst of all, an apology from me. I’m a little late in providing this month’s dad blogger round up. I am sure many of you will relate to the reasons why; the Easter holidays. With the beginning of the new school term and the youngest back in the routine of having afternoon naps, I have had some time to get around the bloggersphere and see what the dads have been writing.

One of my favourite posts of recent weeks has come from Dave who writes The Dadventurer blog (@The_Dadventurer). Dave has written an open letter of apology to his eight month old daughter. In it he apologises for such crimes as eating food off her back and head, leaving her in a wet nappy and accidentally allowing her to take a tumble because he was concentrating on taking a photograph.

Some of it will make you laugh, some will make you react with horror, but I challenge you to judge Dave. There’s very little on that list of misdemeanours that you won’t relate to in some form.

With the sun having come out and summer not too far off, Ian Newbold of the singleparentdad blog (@newboldian) has produced a handy guide to his favourite family friendly theme parks. This isn’t something we’ve done a great deal of as a family, so I found it very useful and may refer to it as I plan activities over the summer holidays.

Harrogate-based Yorkshiredad, meanwhile, is doing his bit for charity. He is calling on readers to participate in Save the Children’s Den Day. It’s a great idea; you get to pick a date between 29 May and 6 June and build a den using whatever you have lying around and stay in it for the day or night. It’s a clever way to highlight the relief work Save The Children does.

Touchlinedad recently found himself celebrating No2 son’s success at cricket. Unfortunately he was 150 miles away at the time so had to celebrate with a group of friends instead of his son. Although a reasonably upbeat post the title “Not Being There” says it all; he’d rather have been celebrating at home.

One other thing has been keeping the dads busy over recent weeks; the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. As the nomination deadline has passed, I won’t highlight any of the posts published by the dads seeking votes. Suffice it to say there has been horse trading, begging and speculation a-plenty. Do not underestimate how seriously the dads take the BiBs!

I wish everyone that makes it through to the shortlists the very best of luck and I’ll be back next month with another round up.

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About John Adams

John Adams is a married with two young daughters. He has been a stay at home dad for almost four years.

John started blogging back in 2012 after being invited to one-too-many “mother and toddler groups.” This inspired him to write about the issues he faced as a stay at home dad and the gender barriers men face as parents.

John continues to write about lie as a stay at home dad. He also writes about every aspect of parenting; schooling, education, pregnancy and birth, childcare and so on. Over time he has broadened the focus of his blog so he now writes about family finances, photography and occasionally covers men’s style and fashion.

John was originally a journalist. He concedes, however, that was a long time ago.


    • 27 April 2015 / 18:22

      Not at all dave. Youe letter made me laugh and cry n equal measures.

  1. 24 April 2015 / 21:13

    Great post Adam, appreciate the shout-out!

    • 27 April 2015 / 18:22

      My pleasure. Good luck building the den.

  2. 24 April 2015 / 22:00

    Always delivering a good round up interesting reads. Thank you

    • 27 April 2015 / 18:23

      Very kind of you to say so Tracey. Hope to see you again at BritMums Live this year?