Dad Blogger Round-Up: Blogging to vlogging

dadsIt’s that time of the month again. No, not *that* one. I, of course, mean the BritMums Dad Blogger round-up.

In an unprecedented move though, I’m going to mix things up big time for February. This may be called the Dad Blogger round-up, but for this month, I’m swapping that “B” for a “V” as I bring you some of my favourite dad vlogs of the last few weeks. So, let’s get to it.

The first video I want to share is from Joshua of TheDadhe who became a dad for the first-time in early February. He’s been vlogging his journey through pregnancy with honesty, humour, realism and a vast array of headgear which surely rivals the quantity owned by the Queen. His 19th vlog eventually allows him to proudly announce “I’m a dad” as his wife gave birth to daughter Darcy after 30 plus hours of labour. In this vlog, Joshua shares his experience and thoughts as him and his wife goes through labour, birth and meeting his baby for the first time. Well worth a watch, particularly the bit where he gets high on gas and air!

Secondly, we’re heading over to Al at The Dad Network who’s been creating waves with his most recent video about the lack of baby changing facilities for dads. After going undercover at a number of major high street stores, Al found that there was a disturbing lack of facilities to change his son – an issue that I have encountered too. Step forward the #DadsForChange campaign which is highlighting the scarcity of facilities available for dads as we try to do the most basic of parenting tasks but are told that we can’t unless we are mums. A great campaign and one which has even culminated in Al gracing the sofa on Good Morning Britain!

Next we’re heading over to my fellow Dad Blogger round-up editor John at Dad Blog UK, who is currently in the middle of major renovations in his kitchen. After years of living with his kitchen which is “well and truly beyond its prime” (his words, not mine!), John has been ripping out cupboards and appliances in preparation for creating a new, open plan kitchen and diner. In his first kitchen home improvement video, he takes you on a tour of his current kitchen and explains what they’re planning to do.

The next video we’re going to look at is Darren from Phot A Life (formerly One Dad 3 Girls) who shows what his family get up to on a typical weekend. In Our First Vlog, we see Darren go for a walk, head to the shops, catch up on some work (to some pretty banging tunes) and play with his girls. As we’ve come to expect from the photography guru, Darren plays around with some cool filming techniques – I particularly like the sequence involving a GoPro strapped to his ceiling light.

Penultimately, let’s head over to Jim at Bewildered Dad who gives us his best Gordon Ramsey impression by getting creative in the kitchen with his daughter. In Cooking – The Toddler Guide, Jim and Elsa make courgette, ham and goat’s cheese rolls together, although arguably the little one is more of a hindrance than a helps as she attempts to eat the raw ingredients! Despite this, the end result is some pretty tasty looking snacks made by dad and daughter.

We’ll finally end with myself – Dave from The DADventurer. I hate to self-promote, but what’s the benefit in being a BritMums editor if I can’t blow my own trumpet once in a while (side note: I actually reached Grade 8 on the trumpet as a kid)! I’ve recently created my first ever vlog showing a day in the life of a stay-at-home dad. With the able assistance of my cute 18-month old daughter, I show you what a normal day looks like for us whilst the missus is at work. Watch as we eat breakfast, play together, put out the washing, run around a museum and eat some more. I realise this sounds the most boring video imaginable, but it’s worth a watch. Honest!

And that’s that for this month. I hope you’ve enjoyed the slight deviation from the written word to the spoken word. I’m sure that Tim will be back next month to restore regular order!

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Dave, aka The DADventurer, is a thirty-something, married, dad of one. Living in Hertfordshire with the missus (Hayley), 15-month old daughter (Toddler L) and sausage dog (Dax), he started his parenting blog in July 2014 as a place to share his experiences, learnings, misdemeanours, failings and random musings about being a dad. He has so far chronicled the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, birth and being a newbie dad, before shifting focus in May 2015 to write about life as a stay-at-home dad in a mummy-dominated world. His writing is often prone to the occasional swear word, plenty of random thoughts, brutal honesty and frequent laughs.