Dad’s Round-up: Back after a break

dadsIt’s been a little while since I’ve written a dad blogger round up. Please accept my apologies, I fear the summer holidays intervened, as did a couple of personal matters.

That said, I’m going to leap in with one of those campaigns that shows just how powerful bloggers can be in demonstrating public opinion; the #savesyriaschildrencamapign. You’ll probably be aware of it, but the aim was to blog about the refugee crisis with the aim of raising funds for Save the Children’s work with children and families fleeing the civil war in Syria.

I’m going to court controversy here. I was a little disappointed with the number of guys that participated. Where they did, however, they threw in their lot and, in one or two cases, had to tolerate some trolling on social media.

This post from Tim (@thatchamdad) of the Sloughingtowardsthatcham blog is a superb summary of all that happened and how it affected him. Martyn (@Mr_Kitney) of InsideMartynsThoughts penned this heart-felt blog.

The last I heard the campaign had raised several thousand pounds for Save the Children. I think that has to be regarded as a success.

Moving on to other things, this blog post about wearing a baby carrier form the indefatigable Dave (@The_Dadventurer) bought back memories about the days I used to have a kid permanently strapped to my front. Those days, however, are a thing of the past for me.

Dealing with slightly older children, Dan (@ShireDad) is addressing the “end of an era” as his daughter Tilly approaches pre-school. Tilly’s development, it seems, has come on in leaps and bounds and here’s what Dan thinks of it.

Let’s not forget that a new school term has just begun. Lewis (@dadwhoblogs) has had to wave goodbye from the school gate as his son returns to school after the summer holidays. It seems Lewis was more nervous about this than his son who skipped to school. Read about it here.

Those are some of the blogs that have caught my eye over recent weeks. I hope I’ve introduced you to some writers you weren’t familiar with.

Just to let you know, there may be one or two changes to the way the dad blogger round up is written in the months to come. Let’s just say I’ve been “in discussion” with a few people to bring in a different voices and increase input from other bloggers. Watch this space, things could get interesting!

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About John Adams

John Adams is a married with two young daughters. He has been a stay at home dad for almost four years.

John started blogging back in 2012 after being invited to one-too-many “mother and toddler groups.” This inspired him to write about the issues he faced as a stay at home dad and the gender barriers men face as parents.

John continues to write about lie as a stay at home dad. He also writes about every aspect of parenting; schooling, education, pregnancy and birth, childcare and so on. Over time he has broadened the focus of his blog so he now writes about family finances, photography and occasionally covers men’s style and fashion.

John was originally a journalist. He concedes, however, that was a long time ago.


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