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Well we won’t hear anyone in the UK complaining we haven’t had a ‘proper’ summer this year will we!

It feels like the UK has packed it’s bags stood up and moved several thousand miles closer to the equator. Are we below France now? I know for me personally, it’s been a summer to remember and our family have definitely made the most of it. The best thing is, it’s not even over yet. 

I’ve been keeping me ear to the ground (Not literally, it’s too hot!) looking for what the other dad bloggers and their families have been getting up to. With a fair few weeks still to go for most of us these summer holiday’s, I’ve plucked these posts out to help inspire some ideas for what you can do with the rest of your summer. 

First up, my pal and the only Yorkshire blogger that sounds more Yorkshire than I do, Dave from If you’re in and around Yorkshire or fancy the drive over, Dave tells us everything we need to know about Lightwater Valley – Ultimate Fun At The Theme Park. Dave and his family, including 4 GIRLS! went for a family day at the theme park and it looks like so much fun. Dave leaves no stone unturned in his fantastic comprehensive review of Lightwater Valley. It’s made our list of things to do 🙂 

Next up is Tom, Diary Of The Dad. Tom has recently been exploring the Brighton area, specifically LEGO Ocean Explorers at Sea Life Brighton. As Tom says ‘How do you make a visit to SEA LIFE even more entertaining? Well, I’ll tell you. Add some LEGO to proceedings. That’s how!‘ Sea Life plus Lego sounds like a win to me! Head over to Tom’s post to read more about his day and details on tickets too. 

Another David, I wonder if being called David makes you naturally good at blogging? Anyway, David from Potty Adventures has written a post I loved reading and learnt a lot from, Get Outside For Some Half-Term Adventures to Minimise Cost and Maximise Inspiration. David wrote this post back in February but it’s adaptable to all seasons of the year so still very relevant. David also has an entire section on Mini Adventures so there’s plenty more to inspire your outdoor adventures this summer. 

A slightly different angle next with Jamie, A Day In The Life Dad. Jamie wrote a post a while back that I really wanted to include as rather than talking about days out specifically in terms of actual locations, Jamie talks about the way the modern dad actual spends time with their children. I think it’s a really important point that more dads in todays generation are actually spending quality time during weekends and school holidays etc, more than previous generations. Jamie explains more in his post Dadventures With Grass And Air

If over the pond means America, is over the puddle Ireland? Anyway, in a bid to cater for other parts of the blogging community, I know I have LOADS of Irish Dad Blogging friends so here’s one for you. Benny, Daddy Poppins has written about Castlecomer Discovery Park. It looks like a great day out 🙂 

Many of the places to visit mentioned may not be within your region, but my aim has been to offer up ideas for you and I’m sure there’s equivalent activities and places to visit closer to your neck of the woods. 

I’m even going to slip in a cheeky plug for my own travel section on where my wife Donetta and I have been creating content around our summer adventures this year. 

I’d love to hear about your adventures this summer in the comments 🙂 

Thanks for reading, 

David 🙂 

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  1. 13 August 2018 / 16:53

    Some great posts here – we recently enjoyed a great day out at Longdown Farm in the New Forest – post to follow shortly 🙂