Current Affairs: The royal wedding & GDPR

current affairs 800x400Hello, hello. It’s June, and we’ve recently had the biggest event of the year so far: my baby has just turned a year old – how the heck did that happen?! Well it was pretty momentous for me, but I am of course referring to The Wedding. To be honest, I’m not much of a royalist – and it seems BritMums bloggers aren’t as much as I’d anticipated either: there were not many posts written about it! Here’s one of the few I found though, written by Rebecca from The Motherload and which sums the whole affair up quite well. And for your entertainment, a musical parody from Tim of Slouching Towards Thatcham.

Moving on, the other big news we’ve had is – dn dn dnnnnnn – GDPR. I kid you not, it probably made a far greater impact on the community than Harry and Meghan getting spliced. But has it been as apocalyptic as everyone feared, like back in the day when the date changed from 1999 to 2000? Probably not. In most cases anyway.

Beth from Lollipops and Rainbows put together a checklist to help you make your site compliant, while Nyomi of Nomipalony wrote a very comprehensive post about what GDPR means for bloggers – which you should check out pronto if you’ve not already done so (although I know you have – right?).

Chloe from Chloe Alice Lily poetically articulated what we’ve all been thinking in the title of her offering: WTF is GDPR?; and if you’re looking for some light relief which also offers no-nonsense advice, check out Georgina’s post on Gee Gardner. She’s very funny.

Hopefully by now you’ve all updated your sites with the necessary, and have added a cookie consent banner, privacy policy, blah blah blah. And signed up to ICO, which I hear is essential and is absolutely something I’ve done more than just think about. A lot.


(Incidentally – not that this will affect any of you super organised bloggers, of course – I understand that the ICO registration site kept crashing, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to complete this step when they’re back up and running. Apparently.)

I’ll be back in a month, assuming the world is still spinning on its axis given that GDPR is now in full effect…

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