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Current Affairs round-up

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Wow, what a month it’s been – beautiful sunshine, bright blue skies…wait, no; that did happen – then I blinked and it was over. Back to the reality of cold, dank days and the impossible task of filling your children’s every waking hour with indoor fun. Or not, because actually April saw many of us receiving primary school offers!

Emily of Babies and Beauty was fortunate enough to get their first school choice, as was Dave from the Dadventurer. Reading their posts made me realise that like Emma Reed, I’m not quite ready to be separated from my little Pixie for five days a week (although ask me during one of her meltdowns and you’d likely get a different answer).

It’s a strange concept for me at the moment because we still have another year before we need to be thinking about schools. Although apparently you can’t start planning too soon – that’s the reason our house is on the market and we’re looking to move before then. Where we live right now is fine at preschool stage, but we feel quite strongly that for school proper we’d like to be in a slightly more rural location – which to my mind equates to gentle/sheltered – is that naive?

I can’t even imagine not getting my first choice, but from my understanding of those close to where we’ll hopefully be when the time comes, they’re all perfectly nice. I really feel for those who have legitimate reasons to be upset with not getting their first choice, such as Nyomi from Nomipalony.

Lucy at Real Mum Reviews offers her tips for appealing a decision you’re not happy with in her post, while Erica discusses how she appealed – and won.

On a completely separate subject, I can’t not mention the other big news this month – Kate Middleton’s mum bod, obvs. Or so you’d think reading the drivel about the fact that birthed a royal human and dared to look good afterwards. Harriet from Toby and Roo had something to say about that, as did I.

Hopefully next month I’ll be focusing on the unprecedented May heatwave. If it happens – unlikely, I know – I promise not to share any posts complaining about hot weather.

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