Current Affairs Round-up: Goals, hopes & achievements

Current Affairs round-up

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Happy new year! Yes, I know it’s already well into February – but I’ve been away for ages and I’ve not done one of these since last year. So you’ll have to bear with me because between having two small people to look after now (yep, that’s what I was busy doing) and negotiating a severe case of sleep-deprivation, I’m easing myself back in gently.

So, because I’m pretending it’s still early 2018, I thought this would be a great opportunity to check in with you lovely lot about your goals for the year. Also, I no longer get time to watch the news properly so, um, there’s that. (I’ll do better next month, promise.)

When I asked the community to share their targets for the next twelve months, they were on it – within about twenty minutes of asking for links I’d been inundated! Which is lovely, but also sadly means I’m not able to use them all. Soz. It’s great that everyone is so determined and ambitious though. If I could insert an emoji it would be the flexed bicep one.

Harriet (no intro required, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock she’s the creator at Toby&Roo) has had a pretty awesome year, and I feel sure she’ll have another this coming year. And another very inspirational lady, Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny, has also had a superb year with no doubt lots more to look forward to.

Kate from Counting to Ten has a great list of both personal and professional goals. It’s fab to see that mixture because it’s so important to strive for a healthy work-life balance, especially in this game when it can be hard nigh-on impossible to switch off.

Katy of Katykicker fame – well, kicker by name and kicker by nature (right in the bullseye) if she has her way! An impressive list!

Emily from Babies and Beauty has some really lovely family-oriented goals, but she says herself she’s not the most committed person, and to echo her – honestly Emily, I’m daunted simply reading through your epic list; if you complete it you’ll be my hero. Scratch that, you’re a superhero for even attempting so much. I wish you all the luck!

Becky, it’s not dubious and I’d like to know where it’s from please? (I want!) Check out this post from the Spirited Puddle Jumper to find out what on earth I’m on about…

Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham has a fantastic approach which I may borrow myself next year…  And Helen of Blogging Beautifully has some superb goals which I love. (Except the penultimate one, which just makes me feel bad…)

Ah, the lovely Hannah of Budding Smiles (adore that blog name btw) – what a fab take on the theme: hopes instead of goals. Takes the pressure off, yet totally positive.  And in a similar vein is this heartfelt post from Emma-Louise at Even Angels Fall.

I’ll end here with a final nod towards positivity, and just a little mention of a lovely project two bloggers in the community (ahem) are running this year, should you wish to take part. The Positivity Project is made up of one small positive and one small brave challenge each month. Mim and I would love to have you on board if you fancy it!

It’s great to be back, here’s to a fantastic 2018 for all!

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