Current Affairs: Palm oil, Brexit & vegan sausage rolls

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Hello, and happy 2019!

I hope you’re settling back nicely into ‘normality’ – whatever that may be – following the festivities, and are excited for the year ahead.

Personally, I’m taking it slow and steady into the new year. We’ve had various bugs and ailments going around in our house, which has meant a few days laid low, and it’s given me the excuse I was after to put the brakes on a bit.

(I say ‘put the brakes on’, when they were definitely on anyway after a festive period full of eating and drinking and lazing, but let’s brush past that minor detail.)

Rather than putting unnecessary pressure on myself to ACHIEVE and HIT THOSE GOALS and all that other ‘new year new you’ jazz we’re sold at this time of year, I’m taking things at my own pace and I’m actually alright with that.

I’d love to know if others are feeling the same or if you’re all pumped and raring to go. (Secretly I’m hoping it’s not the latter, if only so I’ve got someone to – metaphorically – eat the last of the Christmas chocolate with…)

Anyway, let’s crack on. I’ve got three blog posts to share with you this month, on three key topics that have been hitting the headlines recently.

(Note that this is actually is my first round-up post in my role as Current Affairs editor, and it’s been great to read your news-related posts. I’ll be aiming to do a round-up of other bloggers’ posts every other month from now on, so please do get in touch at any time with anything suitable – cheers!)

Who remembers the ‘banned’ tearjerker Iceland ad with the orangutans, that went viral before Christmas? (Was it really banned, I ask, as a cynical PR person??)

The ad prompted Jo at A Rose Tinted World to write this piece about palm oil, asking how we can all stop using so much of it, and help halt the destruction of the rainforests and those poor orangutans. It’s worth a read, particularly if you’ve vowed to shop/consume more responsibly in 2019.

Equally tough on the heart strings – perhaps depending which side of the Brexit fence you’re sitting on (should I even be mentioning the B word???!) – is this post by Amy at Mum Full Of Dreams. I’m sure most of us, regardless of our vote in the referendum, have had similar worries about the future in light of the current political uncertainty.

And from Brexit to sausage rolls….(a seamless link, I’m sure you’ll agree). Here’s an interesting post by Laura at Loupy Lou Laura about criticism aimed at vegans – which Laura argues is still prevalent despite the recent rise in veganism. Be warned: it includes a mention of Piers Morgan being his usual obnoxious self on Twitter, so if you’re an easily-offended vegan, avert your eyes!  

Have a wonderful month and I’ll see you next time X

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