Let’s end 2020 by helping others

Well, we made it, this is the last month of 2020. A year, that no one will ever forget. I think, I can speak for all of us, that this year definitely changed us all and forced us to see life in a different light. I hope that through the losses and tears we will be able to emerge and rise once again, looking into the future will gratitude for what we have got and re-learning what’s important to us.

With that, I brought you a few new stories from bloggers featuring charities and good causes.

I have Fiona first, from Crumpets and Cocktails, and a post about the Reverse Advent. You might have heard about this great initiative already, this is to support food banks during the Christmas period. There is lots of demand for food banks in December and January too! Every item helps in these hard times. You can donate anything, but tins and other long life items are the most helpful.

The second post I’d like to recommend is from Simone over at Midlands Traveller. Her post is about how companies can support children in need this Christmas, particularly through helping the Nepal – DOCS Foundation. DOCS Nepal’s children need more than ever support from donations and sponsors. Read her post here.

I also wrote a post in collaboration with a charity organisation this month, The Air Team UK, that created a campaign called BreathGB. The campaign calls for measures to reduce air pollution and unleash Britain’s sporting potential. (The Air Team is a group of parents, teachers, and campaigners on a mission to clean up Britain’s air.) I talk about brand new report just been released which looks at air pollution levels where kids have been exercising during lockdown, finding the air dangerously dirty.

Last but not least I have Alice form Alice in Sheffield and a post about 5 ways to support charities during lockdown. Still very relevant and as parts of the UK going into tier 3 – still a lot of people in those affected areas can help whilst others need help urgently. One being choosing retailers where profits are donated when shopping. I like this idea! Read the rest on her blog.

With this, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

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