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Most of you who read this article are parents so this month, I have selected children charities as a theme to explore. It looks like people’s interests are shifting this way, so let’s talk about children charities. Plus, as we’re at the start of the financial year, it’s also worth mentioning one important thing. Contractors and consultants can make charity donations and save money on their tax bill. This means that as an owner of a limited company you can give to worthy causes and reduce your corporation tax. 

Unfortunately, some children’s charities that do incredible work never make it onto our radar screen because they simply don’t have the manpower or the money to publicise their efforts. In this blog post, I’m going to introduce a small variety of them, through personal stories from real people and real bloggers.

The first post is focused on the Pathological Demand Avoidance Society as April is the Autism Awareness Month. (I have an autistic child just like the author.) PDA is part of the Autism Spectrum. She talks about how a PDA society training day changed her 10-years-old son’s and her life for the better and in this heartfelt post, she thanks for all the help the PDA Society provided. An absolute positive, heartwarming read.

The second post I’d like you to read is from Kirstine’s Blog and she introduces the charity organisation World Childhood Cancer. It is a a UK based charity that supports children with cancer and their families in developing countries. Together with photographer Andrew Whelan, they released a photo series to highlight what children can achieve if they are given the gift of growing up. So, children from across the UK dressed as past presidents, role models and activists to celebrate the achievements that have been possible when men and women have worked together on something truly important, highlighting that the future of paediatric cancer care should be no different.

Another important issue for Kim from Odd Hogg to raise awareness of diabetic children in need. Kim has diabetes, so she’s fully aware of what that means for children. In many under-resourced countries there are people with type 1 diabetes who don’t have access to simple life-saving insulin, or blood glucose measuring equipment and the education of how to use it. Life For A Child works with thousands of thousands of young people in around 42 countries. They provide critical supplies to those in need, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access the lifesaving medication that so many of us take for granted.

Charlie from More Than a Face is a blogger but in her spare time she runs her own charity. More Than a Face charity was founded to try to address facial disfigurement with people from a young age. She has a son with facial disfigurement and she fights a daily fight for acceptance in his corner.  The aim is to educate and inspire people who may never have met someone with a facial disfigurement before and to help them realise the consequences of their reactions, both positive and negative. She hopes that her positive message of understanding and inclusion will help to change attitudes and behaviour and that people will realise the power in seeing each other for who they are and not just what they look like.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s selection – until the next time!



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  1. 03 June 2019 / 23:00

    Thank you so much for this post and for featuring us! no children should be left without healthcare in any country and we should do everything to help them! thank you 🙂