30 ways we celebrate manliness

At our #FeedtheMan Twitter party, we asked you to share “moments of manliness” — those everyday situations that make the man (or even woman) of the house feel more manly. Your answers amused, surprised and even moved us.

The party was sponsored by Ginsters, the robust, flavour-filled pastries, pasties and sandwiches that fuel and reward those heroic and often unspoken acts that men of Britain perform on a daily basis. Throughout March, Ginsters is encouraging men and women to upload images of these amusing accomplishments to Twitter and Facebook – with the best or funniest picture winning a summer holiday for two, worth £1,500! For more information and Terms and Conditions, visit: facebook.com/Ginsters.

Until then, read these, great moments from BritMums. (It turns out that those tender moments make his manliness more apparent than ever.)

Moments of manliness that entertain us

AbstractLucas tweetAbility to amuse LO with SatNav instructions even when it’s a route we have travelled hundreds of times before @hill_wheeler
Seeing him hold hands with our boys talking about Lego and other really important boy things @girlgonecoastal
Not forgetting playing equal opportunity hairdressers with the toddlers @abstractlucas
Playing computer games with his little girl @The_Moiderer

Our household heroes

I was impressed when my man put on the washing machine without being asked (only to find out he had missed school jumpers) @TheBeesleyBuzz
Taking jar lids off! @MSEDollyp
Mine’s great once I’ve asked him to do it a billion times and we’re teetering on the edge of divorce @RubyKnickers
My husband cannot multitask but likes to think he can, he shouted to me to prove that he can! @Jo_Bryan
My man has been gardening all morning and is in work later too pic.twitter.com/bMOEaDzYKz @me_andthe_tiny3

What’s cooking?

Grating cheese is hubby’s domain – I think he just likes eating it as he goes along @kelliec3
My Dad insists on carving the roast and he’s so bad at it! I actually did catering but would he let me carve? No! @bev_metallica
Hubby always cooks chilli because a woman doesn’t make it hot enough @suenatal
Summer is coming so all the men are gathered around the barbecue @BeckyW213
Ordering the hottest curry in the restaurant just to show their ‘moment of manliness’ @missk9MSE1

Ginsters Twitter party postMan with baby = manly

Real men carry babies and walk dogs @missielizzieb
Helping with all those night feeds. @tamingtwins
Men can multitask, keeping up with the football news whilst watching the baby @mummy-madness1
Baby wearing! It takes a real man @Emilynelll

Romantic moments

Usually takes hubby weeks to put a pic up but our wedding canvas went up after 2 days @spicers1976
Putting a hot water bottles in bed before I get there @thesoupdragon44
My hubby embracing the onesie on his birthday @tricia1982
Treking 3 miles in the snow to go to the local shop because I had pregnancy cravings for a sausage roll @piespie
Borrowing my pink dressing gown to nip to the loo @Jo_Bryan

Feedtheman gardeningSpecial Daddies

A regular heroic moment: soothing away bad dreams (and promptly falling asleep himself) @storyofmum
Giving up his jumper because his princess was cold @ChelseaMamma
Mine does everything, with ease, school runs, housework, having all 5 children solo, bedtime, cooking, DIY – he’s fab @and1moremans5

Let’s hear it for the girls

I’m the manly one. I took out the kitchen wall with a sledgehammer. OH was tapping it careful so I took over. @JulieMRB
I do all the DIY. He can’t even do flat pack @ali991
My daughter has a moment of manliness earlier this year by killing a mouse while mum made squealing noises @jhowze

The Last Word

Hubs being a consistent support throughout my struggles with PND and PTSD whilst being an amazing father to our sons @girlgonecoastal

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    They’re all amazing men, thanks for the mention x