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Bumps & Babies Round-upAmazingly, my little baby girl is already 12 weeks old. The time is flying by! I’ve been reflecting recently on her birth. I have rather an unusual birth story to tell this time around, as my elective C-section actually turned out to be not quite what the doctors were expecting! Fortunately, the surgeons were amazing and B is absolutely fine. The doctor who performed my C-section told me that he’d only seen my case two or three times before in his career, so it got me wondering about other unusual births people might have experienced. 

Of course, there are lots of speedy birth stories. Alana had a bit of a surprise when she went into hospital for an induction, then discovered that she didn’t need one after all! Meanwhile, Jade was trying to slow down her speedy labour so that her best mate and midwife could come and see her daughter being born

Sian, on the other hand, had to wait until she was 11 days overdue for her home birth after caesarean. I think she’d agree that it was worth the wait, though, as little Essie arrived on Sian’s birthday! What an amazing birthday gift that must have been. 

I think the thought of labour can be scary for most pregnant women at the best of times, but Emma had the added worry of a PPROM (preterm premature rupturing of membranes) at 30 weeks, then her little boy deciding the enter the world at 32 weeks. Fortunately, all was well in the end and Emma got the VBAC she had been hoping for

A slightly more eventful (okay, hugely more eventful!) home birth story is Lottie’s tale of how her daughter Polly came into the world. Both of my babies were breech, but I knew about that several weeks before they arrived. Lottie, though, had no idea that Polly was breech, until she heard her husband tell the 999 call handler on the telephone that he could see a bottom! 

I know it’s June, but I think my favourites of the birth stories that I’ve read recently are the Christmas ones. Jenny gave birth at home under the Christmas tree. I think my favourite thing about this story is imaging her husband’s reaction, as he was slightly the worse for wear due to the festivities! Emily, meanwhile, fully embraced the Christmas spirit of her baby’s Christmas Day birth and wrote her birth story to the metre of ”Twas the Night Before Christmas’ – how apt!

Having read all of these birth stories, I’m left without doubt that no matter how much we read about pregnancy and birth, we can never really be sure of what might happen! 

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