Bumps and Babies Round-up: A new beginning

Bumps and babies round-upHello and welcome to the first ever Bumps and Babies Round-up. *High five*

Thanks for joining me on my new BritMums adventure where we can discuss everything that motherhood throws at you. During pregnancy and beyond.

My name’s Jess and I have a 5-month-old baby daughter. I like to chat, so I apologise now if I get a little overexcited about life, I can’t help it. Nothing beats a good gossip over a cuppa tea, which is probably why I loved being a newspaper showbiz editor for many years. I’m very inquisitive (aka nosey). I’ve been blogging at Jessica Brown on and off for 3 years… originally about my life as a gossip girl and now about lifestyle topics in general.

Anyway, I’ll start by being honest and admit: I really didn’t expect to love being a mum as much as I do. I always felt a bit abnormal when my best friends talked animatedly about one day starting a family and becoming a mum. I didn’t feel broody when I turned 30, like them. Or when I got married. So the thought of actually becoming a mum was pretty nerve racking.

However, wow. It really is the best thing you’ll ever do, isn’t it? As soon as I got pregnant my job was the last thing on my mind. Which surprised me considering how hard I’d worked to get it.

Being a mum really is the best job in the world – a challenging and life changing experience. Who knew you could feel so tired, yet so deliriously happy at the same time? Some of you first time mums might be able to relate to my post 20 reasons you know you’re a mum I recently wrote on my blog.

Here are a few blogs I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

My Two Mums wrote a heartwarming post that made me sit and daydream about when that special “I love you mummy” moment will happen for me. Although, I’m sure there’ll be a “I wuv you” to the cat first. They’re obsessed with each other.

This post by Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins made me laugh out loud… we really are just personal servants to our children, aren’t we? My husband’s a twin and my mind boggles how anyone can juggle multiple night feeds. Or in fact multiple anything, nappy changes, bath time, random crying fits.

I totally relate to this post from Heart Being Mum about dealing with baby-brain moments. I had to call 999 after locking my then four-week-old in a boiling hot car on a sunny day last August. Really cute pictures of her newborn too!

The Secret Window wrote this great post on the anxieties mum’s feel leaving a little one at nursery for the first time. I’m already dreading it. However, I seek solace from Emma’s post knowing her son wasn’t fazed by it.

And for all pregnant bloggers you might find this blog post by Mummys Blog really helpful. I had to frantically pack my hospital bag once my waters had burst, so being prepared for your new arrival is definitely a good idea.

Right that’s all for this month’s Bumps and Babies round up.

I’d love to hear from you if have a blog, please say hi and leave a link below to be considered for next month’s round-up.

Jess xx

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About Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is mum to three-year-old daughter Alannah and one-year-old son Barnaby. She was the showbiz editor at the Daily Star newspaper but now blogs at Jessica Loves . She is a freelance journalist who lives in Solihull and is on Twitter @_jessica_loves and Instagram @jessicalovesblog.


  1. 24 January 2015 / 08:07

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks for such an informative blog post – I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and I’m sure all of those worries and more will come up as I enter the world of parenthood! I have been documenting my pregnancy over on my blog – http://treasureeverymoment01.blogspot.co.uk/ 🙂

    Helen x

    • 27 January 2015 / 22:01

      Hi Helen.
      Thanks for getting in touch and congratulations… 30 weeks, not long to go now. How exciting for you! Hope you’ve had a good pregnancy so far? Will definitely check out your blog, thanks.
      Jess xx

  2. 28 January 2015 / 17:04

    Ooh I love finding new blogs so this has been a wonderful find! I am currently 38 weeks pregnant (and feeling it haha) and blog over at frillsanddoodads.com – which is my little space to document the good things in life, big or small, and is no doubt about to take on a slight parenting theme!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

    • 29 January 2015 / 21:05

      Hi Emma,
      Lovely to hear from you. Set to be a mum any day soon…exciting times ahead. Enjoy every minute of it, as everyone says those early days whiz by in a blur. Look forward to having a read of your adventure so far xx

  3. 28 January 2015 / 20:05

    Great idea for a round up! Dont forget about us newbie dads though 🙂

    • 29 January 2015 / 21:07

      Hi Dave, as if we could forget about you Dad bloggers. Great to have you on board!x