Breastfeeding Round-up: On Jamie Oliver and breastfeeding

Welcome to BritMums’ 4th round-up of breastfeeding blogs. Breastfeeding is integral to discussions about infant feeding, and conversations about it inform our choices and attempts to give our infants the best start in life.

I hope this round-up contributes to more positive and constructive conversations about infant feeding in general and breastfeeding (baby, toddler or school age) in particular.

You’ve probably come across the recent stirs on social media, thanks to Jamie Oliver’s recent breastfeeding comments. Age old infant feeding sensitivities were unintentionally roused and a torrent of pro and anti responses continue to flow.

I must say that I was really pleased to hear Jamie’s comment about supporting women to breastfeed anywhere they want to, amongst other things. I so wish I knew much earlier on my breastfeeding journey that I could breastfeed anywhere. Indeed, I still remember the range of emotions I felt when I first breastfed publically, in an open space.

My response to all I’ve heard and read is still in the pipeline; I’m however delighted to share a sample of responses that I’ve come across with you, from BritMums network bloggers and others.

Mandy, a mum of 7 breastfed children talked boobs with Jamie on Hex Mum Plus 1. She rightly commended him for his achievement with the new sugar tax, whilst highlighting where he fell short in his breastfeeding comment. With nutrition being within Jamie’s expertise, she thinks he should focus his interest on this aspect of breastfeeding. It’s of course important to also note in discussions about the promotion of breastfeeding, that some women don’t want to breastfeed, and their choice should be respected.

I’m especially pleased that she shared her observation about the massive disparity between the recommended quantity of formula milk for 0 to 2 weeks olds and their tummy size. I find this worrying; and I really hope there will be more public discussions about if. Perhaps, I might just make some enquiries.

Becki from The Mum From Brum wrote a letter to Jamie; she is pleased about Jamie’s focus on breastfeeding support, but unhappy about the emotional buttons it pressed for those who didn’t find breastfeeding easy. Her advice for Jamie is to tread carefully, and ensure that those who need support are not alienated by the way support is given.

Laura at Life With Baby Kicks wondered when it became a breast vs. bottle battle. Jamie seems to have gotten himself caught up in a tangle that shouldn’t be, whilst raising awareness about a very important issue – adequate breastfeeding support. Laura highlights the fact that mums generally show support for each other within our diverse range of individual parenting issues, and our infant feeding choices have no bearing on this.

This is definitely food for thought, an interesting one to ponder, explore, and discuss. Does infant feeding choices have any impact on the support within your mummy friendships, or indeed, on who your mummy friends are?

Hannah at Hi Baby Blog was clear on Jamie Oliver and boobs, Jamie is spot on about the need for more breastfeeding support in the UK. Surely, he is within his rights in expressing his views about breastfeeding, as a father, son, and human being. In any case, he is not forcing anyone to breastfeed. We as women and mothers should unite in our varied experiences, not attack each other because of them. I’ve got to say that I agree with Hannah, more is definitely achieved in unity than in division; even then, unity doesn’t mean agreement on everything.

Heather, an NCT breastfeeding counselor, wrote a rebuttal to Fleet Streetfox’s article about Jamie’s comments, in her guest post on The Confident Mother. I think it’s important to have as accurate information as possible about important issues like infant feeding, and it’s a shame when issues surrounding it are sensationalised. I’m glad that Heather offered an evidence based perspective beyond personal opinion. Indeed, I really hope that everyone who read Fleet’s piece, also read this rebuttal, so as to have a more wholesome picture of the issues raised.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fourth round-up of breastfeeding blogs; I look forward to reading what you think, and all shares are of course appreciated.

Featured bloggers, look out for the ‘featured badge’ for your featured post or ‘featured on’ page, next month. 🙂

Did you write a response to Jamie’s comments? Please add it below for some blog love, in this on-going discussion about infant feeding.

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  1. 30 March 2016 / 14:42

    Thank you for featuring my post! There’s been so many positive posts come out of Jamie Oliver’s comments, all along the same lines about the way support is approached here in the UK, it’s nice to see most of us are on the same page!

    • 04 April 2016 / 14:48

      My pleasure Becki. His comment definitely created waves, and will hopefully result in more women being supported to achieve their breastfeeding goals.

  2. 22 April 2016 / 13:43

    Thanks for featuring my post, it’s great that more celebrities are getting involved in the normalisation of breastfeeding, it might make the people at the top take notice and provide more help and support for those that want it x