Breastfeeding Round-up: Making breastfeeding work

Welcome to BritMums’ 6th round-up of fab breastfeeding blogs.

August, with World Breastfeeding Week and US National Breastfeeding Month, is that time of the year when breastfeeding awareness at their peak on social media and in the wider community internationally. So I thought it especially timely, to share a few blogs about making breastfeeding work.

Roots and Wings Parenting’s Letter to Breastfeeding Mums” not only paints a realistic picture of potential challenges on the breastfeeding road, but also gives really good and clear tips on how to navigate them. This blog is straight forward, to-the-point, and empowering. It addresses common issues like breastfeeding pain, the top-up trap, and other concerns that those relatively new to breastfeeding, will especially find helpful.

Milla at Live Oxfordshire shares 10 things you might not know about breastfeeding; from the various effect of the prolactin hormone to the reminder of the uniqueness of each breastfeeding journey. Her 4 years’ experience of breastfeeding, as well as her breastfeeding peer support skill no doubt came in handy in the writing of this blog. New and experienced breastfeeding mums alike, will not only relate with piece, but also find it insightful.

Breastfeeding should not be the sole business of the breastfeeder; there is much about it that can be shared, and dads definitely have a role to play. Michaela from ciderpashmina shares practical tips for partners to support breastfeeding mums. There are so many simple acts of loving care that don’t cost a penny, which make huge difference to breastfeeders every day. The right amount of support at home definitely affects one’s breastfeeding journey for better or worse.

Katie at 30daysand30nightsblog discusses her experience of breastfeeding as a fantastic solution for the lazy mum. The short-term breastfeeding challenges she experienced in the first two months of breastfeeding, as her body got used to this new activity, was definitely worth the long-term gain. Many breastfeeding mums will relate to Katie’s experience of breastfeeding being a parenting conversation staple and go-to mothering tool.

Hannah at Hi Baby highlights 7 selfish reasons to breastfeed; never mind the health benefits for mother and baby. This blog will make you laugh, and breastfeeding mums will identify with Hannah’s list, especially her 6th point. Breastfeeding might have its pains, but my, its varied perks are more than worth it for most.

Rachel at Vintage Folly discusses her experiences of breastfeeding, as well as her breastfeeding likes and dislikes. It’s so lovely reading about her successful breastfeeding journey as a teenage mum, despite the lack of professional support at the hospital and a reference to breastfeeding being dirty by another teenage mum. Her experience as a second-time mum in her 30s highlights the importance of dads’ practical support for breastfeeding mums.

There are somethings you wish you knew before you really had to know; an unfortunate characteristic of the parenting road, isn’t it. Seriously, imagine finding out the most important part of your tool can’t perform its function just when you desperately need it to. This is what happened to Jasmine from Mummy and her Mini whilst in a post-natal ward when her very hungry baby couldn’t latch. “Breastfeeding can be tough” charts Jasmine’s discovery of her flat nipples and how she overcame them to breastfeed her daughter for 17 months. Knowledge is definitely power with breastfeeding, and knowing where to go for accurate information and the right support is crucial. I’m so glad her determination and perseverance paid off.

I hope this round-up gives a flavour, however minute, of some of the ways mums promote, protect, and support breastfeeding, within their context.

If you would like to further engage with breastfeeding, check out my list of key breastfeeding awareness dates in 2016.

Add your breastfeeding blogs from this awareness month below.

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