Poetry & Prose Round-up: School’s out!

The School Doors Are Closed For Summer.

This of course opens a whole new world of opportunity for those of us with children.  No longer a slave to the school drop-off routine. It’s time for us to pop on the kettle, (and where work allows) to forget the time and let the weather set our agenda for the day.

The last few weeks of term are always punctuated with all the traditional milestones.  The graduations, end of term parties, and report cards.  Turning up in Devon did perfect justice to all the fun of sports day, in her brilliant post about the legendary Mum’s Race.

As The School Year Draws To A Close:

It gives many of us a chance to reflect on another year passing, and question where on earth the time has gone. Maddy at Writing Bubble marked The End Of An Era so beautifully.  Meanwhile Lucy at Home reflected on her own parenting in her movingly honest poem “The Mummy I Try To Be“.  Definitely a piece that I can relate to as I’m sure will many other parents.

Time Now To Enjoy The Summer.

To feel the sand between our toes – as captured so perfectly here by Mummy Here and There, and Lisa’s Life.  Where possible to step away from the pressures of life for a while.  To put down the phone as written by LycraWidow.  To breathe and re-boot before we crash, worded so perfectly by Kate On Thin Ice.

Holidays Beckon:

From the breezy shores of Cornwall in Pleasure of Padstow by Bards for Babes.  To the “Catalonian colour and vibrant lights” of Barcelona by Cara L McKee.  Adventures are waiting to be had, although they’re definitely not quite the same as they were pre-children!

Some Of Us Anxiously Await The New Term.

I would have to put myself in this category.  Our eldest will start reception in September, and I know that she is totally ready.  I on the other hand still have a way to go. Hannah at Make, Do and Push has also questioned how it can even be possible that they can be going to school so soon?  Spooky Mrs Green shared her touching poem written to her daughter on her First Day At School.  While Pink Pear Bear wrote: If I Can’t Homeschool, I’m Glad She Has You.

Time To Embrace The New.

Whatever that may be.  Whether a new class, a new chapter in our lives, or a personal challenge.  Rambling Through Parenthood said: “This Girl Can” as she shared her story of cycling 100km for a brilliant cause.  Morgan Prince offered us a gripping piece of flash-fiction with A Journey Begins. Debbie at My Random Musings empowered us to Make The Dream Happen, and Sara at Mum Turned Mom inspired us with her brilliant piece for her linky The Prompt:  Happy.

Our lovely co-editor Victoria has of course been welcoming in the new with the arrival of her gorgeous son Rex.  She shared a guest post called Moments from The Parent Game, which was written for her as she waited for her little one to arrive.  Speaking of Victoria and the beautiful addition to her family, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share her piece: The True Meaning Of Family. A #BiBs 2017 Finalist Post.

Our Families Are Just That:  Ours.

Whatever changes may be on the horizon as time marches on, our little ones will always be ours at the end of the day.  They are Always Everywhere as written by New Mumblings.  They are the soundtrack of our lives.  Media Mummy’s poem The Noises of Parenting confirms so perfectly (with a giggle of course).

And so to our little ones:

No matter the age and no matter the hour, we will forever be, as Old House In The Shires beautifully wrote:  Waiting In The Dark For You To Come Home.

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