Pets Round-Up: Questions, cautions & costs

Photo credit: Liz Burton

Photo credit: Liz Burton

Welcome to another pets round-up.  Spring is hopefully just round the corner and things are looking up.

I spotted this glorious post on Twitter by Queensland Blog all about camping with your dog.  It has some heartstoppingly beautiful photos and I just can’t wait to take Delilah pup on her first camping trip in a couple of months time.  I hope she loves it as much as our old dog did.  

Days In Bed brings us a joyful celebration of all things Bichon Frise with 50 shades of Bichon Frise.

A Residence has a Q&A about her magnificent greyhound Max, to answer all those questions she’s constantly asked.

Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan and Farmer’s Wife and Mummy has a cautionary tale about a surprise pet who wasn’t received quite as enthusiastically as she’d hoped! Let’s hope he’s getting the love he deserves now and her daughter’s come round to the idea!

I wrote recently about how to save money on your pets by purchasing medicine and routine maintenance products online rather that through your vet. Here’s my post on saving money on your pets.

I’d love to be able to share your pet posts next month, so do please send them to me.  I’m interested in hearing about any kind of pet from amphibians to rodents, felines to reptiles.  You can tweet me @missielizzieb.


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    Thanks for including my lovely blog post on Bichon Dogs 🙂 Angela