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good readsOn the school run home today I wound down the window whilst my daughters and I squealed with delight: we saw the first of our daffodils had opened. There are bumblebees bumbling around the lawn and wild bunnies chomping at the pansies outside the front door. Spring, people. It’s springing out there.

So if the joy hasn’t quite made it to your corner of the planet, take a minute out of your day and read some of the posts I found out and about on the internet.Take five, in fact.

Sounding Like My Mother Misses CBeebies

The topic of Guilt Free Childcare is painful for Without My Mum, shared via Kate Takes 5

We Are Chasing Zero has a wonderful project for expectant mothers: read more about Pregnancy Twinning

There’s a post on New Scientist entitled Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links. Via Melanie Mack

Fancy a trip out and about? Then Domestic Goddesque has been checking out Family Fun at Leeds Castle. 

Miss Lexy Woo write a post that will resonate and terrify any mother. This is parenting is not easy reading.

Big Trouble in Little Nappies has a humourous take on online forums: Totsnet, Am I Being Unreasonable.

The Guardian has a great resource post: Top 10 Children’s books on death and bereavement.
 via lifeasawidower

Bottle for 2 tells us not to behave like kids.

Live Otherwise shares 50 books you should read before you are 16.

Social Media Lessons you can learn from Taylor Swift came via the CrowdFire App

SixOutofTen magazine shared The Drum’s post on why so many brands are failing at blogger outreach.

Gentle Otter Blog wrote a post entitle Still Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For. It’s an important post about landlords and demonstrates why their need to be changes.
Likewise Casa Costello has a post on putting the Brakes on Smoking that you should read.

It’s an eclectic blend of posts and information. If you see something, indeed if you write something that you think needs sharing, then submit to me on twitter- @domesticgoddesq– using the hashtag #BritMumsGoodReads and you may see it, along with a credit, in this column next month. Thanks so much.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kelly! There are lots of fab posts here! Some I have read and some I am looking forward to getting stuck into over a cup of tea and biscuits!