BritMums Blogging Prompts: Pride and Prejudice

I apologise for the tardiness of the blogging prompts today. You see, my Little Miss went to her first day of Reception today so I’ve been busy being a Mummy. What a great morning it was, as well! Ella was so thrilled and excited that her father and I couldn’t help but be the same. It certainly makes the school drop off much easier when your child wants to go in!

I know that many of us have been experiencing firsts and getting back into the swing of things so this week for our prompts I thought I would use some experiences that we’ve all been sharing lately. Are you ready for some inspiration?


Prompt 1: Pride

Share with us a moment where you were fit to burst with pride. This may have been this/last week when your child went confidently into their new classroom. This may have been on Sports Day or your child’s dance recital or championship football game. Maybe this was when your child experienced a disappointment but did so gracefully and happily. What about your Other Half? Has he or she accomplished something recently that you feel the need to brag about? Or maybe YOU have managed to do/create something pretty special. Share with us your favourite PROUD moment.

Prompt 2: Prejudice

Yesterday we witness the closing of the Paralympic Games. What an amazing 11 days of sport, bravery and accomplishment! As Stephen Hawking advised during the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies, the goal was to change perceptions. Have you experienced prejudice yourself? Or have you had your opinions changed about something recently? What have you done to become a champion or to defend those around you? This is a tricky subject and one we tend to tiptoe around but try tackling this one if you have courage!

Now it’s your turn! Write your post, publish it to your blog and then pop back here to add your post URL to the Linky below. Then do your best to visit one or two other posts to see who else is linking up and tackling the blogging prompt challenge.

Have a great week and just keep blogging…

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