BritMums Blogger of the Week: Bringing Up Charlie

I sit in my lounge typing and I only have one child in need of my mothering today. My daughter Ella is off to school. Well, not quite Reception as her Reception class doesn’t begin until Monday so today Ella is at her old preschool again. But Monday begins my redundancy as far as Ella is concerned. Of course, she’ll still need me and I’ll still be here 24/7, 365 but her need for me every minute of every day is dissolving. It’s wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

As I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I would cast my net backwards into the “veteran” blogger waters and highlight one of my all-time favourite bloggers who has continually brightened our blogosphere with his sunny attitude, brilliant writing and well-spoken defence of the Stay-at-Home-Dad. Of course, this is none other than Tim Atkinson from Bringing Up Charlie.

I read Tim’s Back to School post about Charlie and instantly related to everything he wrote. I also cheered from my kitchen when Tim appeared on ITV’s This Morning a few weeks ago to talk about the brilliance of being a SAHD. I could definitely see Tim taking a regular spot on the “This Morning” sofa. I’d much prefer Tim to Samantha Brick any day!

Tim Atkinson has been blogging for a fair few years now and has been awarded Blogger of the Year and Writer of the Year in the MAD Blog Awards. Tim is consistently ranked highly in blogging charts and has helped to teach bloggers creative writing. Tim is a published author and impressive speaker but ultimately Tim is a wonderful Dad who made a selfless decision to be there day to day for his children. And, he’s an exceptionally nice guy.

You can follow Tim on Bringing Up Charlie (and see what new adventures he gets up to with Eloise) as well as on Twitter (@dotterel) if you can manage to catch him. Tim’s pretty busy being a rather great Dad, teacher and blogging ambassador. Congratulations Tim and thank you for brightening our blogosphere with your witty words and astute observations (as well as your puerile witterings).

I’m off to the supermarket to stock up on tissues for next week. Oh and another pair of dark sunglasses methinks! Have a wonderful weekend and just keep blogging!


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  1. 07 September 2012 / 13:02

    A great choice: intelligent, kind and a true gentleman.

  2. 10 September 2012 / 09:38

    Thank you ladies! I’m honoured, humbled, rather pleased and a little worried that you’re talking about someone else..
    But I’m not telling!