British mum bloggers post to help Baglady

Once again, BMB members have demonstrated what an amazing network this really is, this time joining together and using their voices to spread the word about sustainability for Baglady and, in turn,  for our children’s future.

Indeed, you may have already seen Baglady making her way around the Internet, thanks to the small group of bloggers who, in January, helped launch the environmental film-maker’s online pledge campaign.

BMB members have shown their support by pledging to give up something in their everyday lives that isn’t sustainable and to take up an idea that is better for the environment.  They have then blogged about their pledge, encouraging their readers to do the same.

And that support is truly appreciated by Shirley Lewis, the lady behind the Baglady persona.  Whilst companies and household brands have large budgets to bolster their social media campaigns, independent initiatives such as Baglady’s ASAP Pledge don’t, so every mention matters greatly.

Promising to save energy, use the car less and ditching the plastic bag are just some of the commitments that bloggers have made to live As Sustainably As Possible, as well as choosing to grow more produce, bake bread and save rainwater.  These are simple things that can inspire change amongst the growing BMB network.

And it is an inspirational network.  Since its launch in 2009, members of BMB have swiftly become a very loud voice of authority, demonstrating a can-do attitude amongst online parents.  With the commitment of its members to social and environmental causes in particular, the group certainly has a wide circle of influence amongst the thousands of readers who visit members’ blogs.  You’ve only got to reflect on the passion of the fabulous Blogadesh participants, Josie George, Sian To, and Eva Keogan to realise how their work with Save The Children helped spread awareness of child deaths, in a campaign that reached over 10 million people.

And we can’t forget Rosie Scribble’s links with UNICEF  on the Pampers Kiss campaign and English Mum’s amazing Shelterbox campaign for Haiti, or indeed Kat’s online auction at Housewife Confidential for the Cumbria floods last winter and members’ contributions to the Mummo Magazine, which raised awareness of the Million Mums campaign.  And what about that BMB Recycle Week pledges over on my own blog back in 2009, which encouraged participants and readers to waste less!

British Mummy Bloggers certainly have the determination, voice and opportunity to raise awareness of urgent issues, whatever the cause.  And it is often through special interest groups within the network, where discussions and campaigns are often formulated.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth spending ten minutes now browsing through the groups to see what takes your interest, including Fundraising and charity efforts and  Blogger Activists .  Who knows which campaigns will flourish this year thanks to your own contribution and enthusiasm.

-Karin (The Rubbish Diet)

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