Breastfeeding Round-up: Frustrations

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of another year. I hope you enjoyed last month’s round-up about breastfeeding supporters; adequate support makes breastfeeding that much easier.

This month is all about breastfeeding frustrations; nice to start the new year with as little tension as possible, isn’t it?


Blocked ducts frustrations

My, my, my, poor Sam from Mouse, Moo & Me Too … anyone who’s battled blocked ducts will no doubt sympathise. If you find a funnier blogged ducts’ post than When Breastfeeding Goes Bad, please let me know. Sam’s effort to dislodge those lumps though feeding marathons, breast massages, combing, and doggy style, makes for a lovely read – the kind that makes you laugh when you feel you shouldn’t. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Rarely discussed frustrations

Kerry from A Mini Norris Blog shares a breastfeeding heartache that isn’t discussed enough – when your baby decides to stop breastfeeding before you’re ready. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be, especially considering her determination to go the long haul this time. Work wasn’t going to stand in the way this time … and definitely not her C-section. Even better, breastfeeding helped with her PND, and her breastfeeding photoshoot was booked. Oh no, her daughter had other plans. I’m sure you’ll agree with Kerry that it is brilliant she has her memories though her breastfeeding goal didn’t’ quite go according to plan.


Check out Nat at Handful of Halfpennys, with another aspect of breastfeeding that is rarely discussed – breastfeeding when you don’t feel it’s for you, especially when you recognise its value as a breastfeeding supporter. Can you imagine what it must feel like to be breastfeeding whilst wishing you had stopped sooner … when you find breastfeeding torturous? I think this issue should be discussed more.


Second-time breastfeeding frustrations

Hands up if you think breastfeeding the second time round is easier. Well … not necessarily as I continue to learn … not even if you feel you’ve got a proper hang of it.

Ask Victoria from Mummy Times Two and she’ll tell you about how a successful breastfeeding experience isn’t just about the mum doing everything ‘right’. Oh no! There are sometimes unexpected hindrances like silent reflux. Can you imagine battling through hordes of support that actually aren’t helpful? Not because they don’t want to be, but because they don’t have a clue about what is wrong. I’m so glad she got to the root of the problem in the end, and finally mastered breastfeeding the second time round. Yah, she did it against the odds … go over and celebrate with her.


Unfortunately, Heledd’s (Yummy Blogger) second breastfeeding journey also didn’t go according to plan. All the breastfeeding support she got and her best efforts, didn’t adequately resolve their latching problems, and consequently her baby’s weight loss. As someone about to kickstart her second breastfeeding journey, whilst continuing her first, Heledd’s raw emotions poignantly seep through her words. Read her story, you’ll see what I mean.


People’s comments frustrations

One of my key breastfeeding frustrations of all time is the increasing use of what I call breastfeeding emotional disclaimers in more and more blog posts … especially those that particularly consider breastfeeding positively, whatever its challenges. I ask if it’s time we share our experiences without them. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Oh yes Amy (All Things Amy), every breastfeeding mama out there would agree that breastfeeding is not an easy option. It’s definitely more than rolling up your top and unclipping your bra, isn’t it? What an eye-rolling and sighing moment … my, do people really think that?. I’m sure you’ll nod in agreement with Amy’s list to challenge this view. What would you add to it?


Isn’t it ridiculous how some ignorantly consider breastfeeding an easy option, whilst others think it’s a self-imposed affliction of inconvenience, sleep deprivation and so much more that is negative. Kate from Refined Prose knows about this too well. Like her, many breastfeeding mamas are fed up with the repetition of the same infant feeding discussions; but there’s only so much button-pressing that one can take. Unsupported comments from well-meaning people trying to be helpful sure has an underlying accusation of breastfeeding martyrdom to it. Check out Kate’s take on this.


Dear Naomi from Not a Perfect Parent unfortunately had to deal with what we often hear about but hope never happens to us – regurgitated ignorant and hurtful comments whilst breastfeeding in public. Dear oh dear … people actually say such things to others? Whatever happened to looking away from what isn’t your cup of tea. You’ve got to read Naomi’s response.


It’s crazy that there are strangers who think it ok to ask others about their boobs when they see their bump. I doubt anyone would disagree with Jo from Miracle Max that breastfeeding isn’t a competition. It surely goes without saying that a woman is within her rights to choose to breastfeed or not, for whatever reason. Whatever your stance, check out Jo’s views on breastfeeding vs formula feeding.


What an emotional roller coaster ride of a reading feast this month, hey. Your comment below and on the featured posts are really appreciated.

Bring on your breastfeeding highlights to wrap up BritMums 2016 breastfeeding round-up … link up relevant posts below.

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