Books Round-up: Love, Romance & Fifty Shades

Books round-up

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Welcome to my very first round-up as Book Editor for BritMums. This is a new round-up feature one I’m really excited about writing. If you’ve not met me before I blog at Laura’s Lovely Blog, I love books and read on average a book a week myself. I’m also determined to share this passion with my children, so it seems only natural that I would share this love with you all!

February was the month of love, so I thought I would start my first round-up about love. Whether it be a love of reading or books about love and romance. I’m a total sucker for a love story, in fact, I would probably say it’s my favourite genre. I like a bit of escapism and a happy ending. For Valentine’s Day I wrote a post Five Romance Books for Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for your next romantic read.

If you wish you could read more or have perhaps fallen out of love with reading then you need to read Jocelyn from The Reading Residence’s piece on 12 reasons to pick up a book right now. For me it’s all about enjoyment, but did you know it can also increase your vocabulary, improve your imagination and help with concentration too?

Jojo Moyes seems to be the author of the month, with Life of Spicers reviewing After You  and Morgan’s Milieu reviewing both books in the series Me Before You and After You. Both bloggers loved the books, so it looks like two books I need to be adding to my reading list.

February also saw the release of the second film in the Fifty Shades Trilogy – Fifty Shades Darker. This is a series of books that causes many mixed feelings in people. A bit like Marmite, people seem to either love it or hate it. I have to confess I am in the first camp, but Refined Prose wrote a blog post on why she feels that Fifty Shades is the antithesis of romance. She is actually concerned that the book and film romanticises abuse and the dangerous side of psychological manipulation in relationships. By contrast, Emma from Even Angels Fall wrote a post Why I loved Fifty Shades Darker… And No, It’s Not What You Think where she discusses how the film made her rethink the intimacy in her relationship, and how she wants to feel sexy and passionate again in her marriage. If you would like my take on the books, I wrote a post a couple of years ago on why I think feminists should be embracing Fifty Shades and how I think it’s rather marvellous that a working Mum penned a phenomenally popular trilogy that changed popular fiction. 

On a completely different note, one of my favourite books to read to the children to talk about just how much I love them is Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. Being a Mummy reviewed some beautiful colouring books based around the books for Valentine’s Day, which look gorgeous. The Inspiration Edit shares her love of this book too and how it helped her choose a thoughtful gift for her daughter. It really is a must-have classic for any child’s bookshelf.

That’s it for me this month, next month I will be sharing posts all about World Book Day. If you would like to be included I would love to hear from you, you can tweet me @laurasummers or drop me an email.

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  1. 02 March 2017 / 16:15

    A great choice of books to check out to read. Thanks for featuring me.

  2. 12 March 2017 / 12:10

    Yes, very interesting, thank you for sharing! I will be in touch for future round-ups! 😉