Book Club: Review The Playground Mafia

palyground mafiaThe average playground is full of bullies, show-offs and gossips – and we don’t mean the kids. Parents have evolved into the worst kinds of stereotype in the last few decades. In the playground, you can be sure to meet Competitive Mums, Bohemian Mums, Toyboy Dads and many more!

The Playground Mafia: The Essential Guide to Observing, Identifying and Managing Playground Mums (and the Occasional Dad), is just released by John Blake Publishing.

We’re looking for bloggers to review this novel and we have 50 copies to give away!

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About the Authors

Clare Christian and Elisabeth Kent join forces with ‘normal mums’ Lydia and Kitty to identify and categorise all the key players in the playground and provide a useful guide to how to manage them. Perfect for any mum who has cowered behind the bike shed to avoid Ofsted Mum or hid behind the wooden train to avoid being cornered by League-Tables Mum.

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