Book Club: Review The Little Book of Peace by Cherry Menlove

The Little Book of #1211618 copyBritMums have been a fan of Cherry Menlove since she started her blog and we are so excited that she has published The Little Book of Peace.

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Cherry explains the impetus for the book which, surprisingly, is NOT about happiness: “If you ask people what they’d most like to be, disregarding those who immediately shout out ‘rich’ and/or ‘famous’, the answer will be ‘happy’. And that’s a great ambition, don’t get me wrong — but it’s not enough. Happiness is not enough to sustain us for very long. It is a transitory emotion and there’s still that lightbulb moment when we realize we’re not as happy as we once were.

“Sometimes we end up making huge life changes in order to get those feelings of happiness back. And these things may work or they may not. I’m not here to destroy your concept of happiness as I think it’s vitally important.

“What I feel I must share with you is something that’s an even greater gift than happiness. It is longer lasting, its foundations are stronger, it can weather any storm and it’ll give you a sense of confidence that will enable you to manifest your dreams, goals and desires. What is it? Peace.

“My book contains 101 chapters that will lead you on the remarkable journey towards knowing deep peace in all aspects of your life, work, home and dreams. Read it from cover to cover or dip in and out as and when the need takes you. And enjoy the miraculous and life-changing power of Peace in your life, forever.”

CherryMenloveJuly15About Cherry

Cherry is the author of four books with another on the way. She has appeared regularly as an expert in Sainsbury’s Magazine, Making Magazine, My Handmade Home magazine and been a guest speaker at the Henley Literary Festival, The Country Living shows, BritMums and The Cake & Bake shows. Her website is full of inspiration from Cherry’s life, work and home and all written in her candid, honest, direct and friendly way. She is a mother to twins and her husband Robert is a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 when their twins had just turned 1 year old.

Cherry is passionate about inspiring people to live their own Big Life™ and is the creator of Modern English Country Living® and her life’s philosophy which is summed up in The Whole Home ™

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  1. 08 June 2016 / 08:46

    I am struggling to download the book from the link that was sent to me. It seems to download but then doesn’t appear. I did reply to that email but haven’t heard anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated.