BMB Half-Term Adventure Carnival

For most of us, life has returned to normal. Stressful mornings, rushing to get out the door for the school run, carrying on with our usual daily routine, reversing the morning school run and cracking on with homework, dinner, bath and bedtime. I think we may all be a bit wistful for the Half-Term break that has just ended.

Some of our BMB members handled the terror of half-term with remarkable aplomb. We’d like to highlight some of our best and brightest in the first BMB Half-Term Adventure Carnival. Hopefully we can all learn from their genius and prepare ourselves for the month of April and May when very little time will be spent in school thanks to the Easter holidays, Royal Wedding and May Bank Holidays. I sense the fear already!

Emma at Major Love of Film had the pleasure of having her partner around to help out with the Half-Term Adventure, went to Gnomeo & Juliet and visited the grandparents! Find out if Half Term was Fun but was it Fun Enough?

Ella at Notes From Home shows us just how much fun our local parks can be in My Second Home. Her boys are obviously big fans of their local park as is evident by the smiles on their faces.

Sharon of South Bristol Runner managed to combine Skiing in Scotland with a bit of Running! Who knew! Skiing in Scotland! I’m quite impressed with her adventurous spirit and dedication to running as well.

Abby from Oh Abby, Really? manages to give us an excellent phonetic lesson in sharing with us her Long Weekend in Wroclaw, Poland. I’m thinking that the Polish Tourism Board should have a word with Abby after reading this post- her pictures are gorgeous!

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart teaches us How to Have a Great Holiday at Home. I’m thinking that if we all ask nicely, Michelle may offer a Holiday Camp at her house for BMB member’s children next half-term. She certainly seems to have it sussed!

Mother of Purl of Flora & Purl makes the most glorious den you’ll ever want to make! In Den Building and other Mischief, we learn the best materials for den making indoors and see how much fun one can get up to making Hama Bead Animals. Gorgeous!

Caroline at Lunchbox World shares with us some great adventures in knitting and sewing in Half-Term Fun with the Kids or Not. I’m really thinking that I need a lesson from this creative crew! Everyone talks about how wonderful knitting is after all…

Elaine at The Stuff of Life gives me something to aspire to. She gives her children the opportunity to experiment. In Children, Science and the Perpetual Why she gives us some great tips in dealing with and accepting the endless WHY’s that our children throw at us.

Jenny at The Gingerbread House takes us on their Half-Term Adventure to London Aquarium. Thankfully their priority tickets got them through the rainy queue faster (note to self) and what unfolded after that was rather magical.

Mirka from All Baby Advice shares with us two special posts from her most recent trip back to the Czech Republic. Her daughter, Isabelle, perfected her skiing again while Mirka’s mum celebrated her 60th birthday with everyone around. A very special half-term for Mirka indeed.

Rachel from Retro Wife endured an 11 day half term! In So Nice to be Appreciated, Rachel experiences what so many Mums do when her son relates his memories of their half-term spent together.

Cass at The Frugal Family goes so far as to give us a video tutorial on her Get Crafty- Mini Homemade Books post! I’d love to know how they filled the rest of their half-term! Their dinosaur and Springtime books are ever so lovely.

Nova from Cherished by Me gives us some mouthwateringly gorgeous photos of yummy Cupcakes made at a demonstration at Fortnum & Mason and even managed to look like tourists in Piccadilly Square. I’m a little bit jealous of the cupcake making!

Pippa at A Mother’s Ramblings honoured the magnificent Dr Seuss by creating simply delightful ornaments for her stairs in Happy Birthday Dr Seuss.

The Childalert Street Smart Kids blog highlighted some delightful BMB members in their Half-Term Solutions Guest Blogger series. NurtureStore, A Mother’s Ramblings, Thinly Spread and Kids Travel2 were all featured in the week long series. Great ideas and tips for future half-term holidays.

At Mymumdom, the lure of iPads, laptops and television screens is put aside in favour of enjoying some Simple Pleasures in the great outdoors! What amazing construction this family gets up to!

The Boat-Wife at The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife shares with us her rock star moment in What I Did on my Half-Term Holidays. She also teaches us about a new game called “Justify” which I fear may be used on me by my husband. Shhh, don’t tell him about it!

Our BMB Blogger of the Week, Rachel from Manana Mama (I must learn how to do that accent!) teaches us about Fairy Tales out of School. Appreciating the time we have together is more important than planning and doing and going and running. I’ve learned a valuable lesson through Manana Mama!

And finally, Uju at Babes about Town gives us some new places to try out in London with That Place on the Corner Kids Disco and Charlie Dark’s Bookworm Babies. I’m so envious of dance opportunities like this on your doorstep, Londoners! Can we come stay with you next half-term.

Phew…so many brilliant ideas, so little time until the next half-term break! If you managed to survive the half-term holiday feel free to grab the badge above to wear on your site! We all deserve a medal for coming out unscathed…mostly! Thank you to everyone who shared their brilliant posts!




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  1. 09 March 2011 / 11:12

    This is a fab carnival, I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts. Thanks for including me x

  2. 09 March 2011 / 14:18

    This is brilliant, Karin, just what I’ve been looking for. Have been enjoying a variety of different blog recently and you have picked out some great ones.
    CJ xx

  3. 09 March 2011 / 23:06

    Thanks Karin. So what is the going rate for a holiday club? I think I would probably be the worst childminder ever!
    Mich x

  4. 09 March 2011 / 23:17

    What a fun carnival! Thanks for including my post, and for all the great reading material.

  5. 11 March 2011 / 19:54

    I was so chuffed to see us included. Thanks very much! Great reading and great fun too! Thanks

  6. 12 March 2011 / 21:28

    Lovely to read all the posts and thanks for including mine too 😉 @Kahanka

  7. 13 March 2011 / 22:51

    thanks very much for including us in this fun round up!

  8. 19 March 2011 / 09:59

    Thankyou for including us- have really enjoyed reading what everyone else was up to x

  9. 01 April 2011 / 12:27

    Wow, I totally missed this! I actually did a search for BMB carnival to find the link for hosting the upcoming April carnival and stumbled across this. How cool, even more reading to catch up on! Well done Karin, your curating powers astound me.