Blogging Tips Round-up: How to guides

Welcome back to this new Round-up of Blogging tips.  I hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year and aren’t yet suffering from writers block.  You may remember that last month we looked at getting back to basics, since then I’ve had lots of messages and requests for this months theme and it would seem that with the new year it has meant for a lot of you new years blogging resolutions – whether that be to learn something new or to try something you’ve not yet tried. 

As a blogger we often have ideas, see things others are doing and that we would like to try for ourselves, but then, we hit that stumbling block of how to actually do these new things

I admit that, after 4 years and a half years of blogging, I still have these thoughts every year and have been known to turn to google to search for the answers.  So without further ado, I’m happy to share with you some wonderful ‘how to’ guides and style posts.

Firstly, we all write our blog posts in the hopes that they will be read, when we start off it’s usually friends and family who read our posts, however, there soon comes a time when we all seek a wider readership (it does come with time). There are a few things you could do to make sure others can search a subject and come across your well written post, because, lets face it, spending hours researching and writing a post can become disheartening when only 5-10 people are reading. 

Laura has written a very comprehensive guide on how to create a site map for your blog by creating a XML feed/site map, you are basically telling Google all about the pages on your blog.  This isn’t automatically done for you when you start blogging and is something which can be overlooked, by creating this site map everything you write will them be indexed by Google, meaning if someone searches a subject and you have written about it it’ll be indexed with that search.  Lucy also shares a post on submitting your site to Bing Webmaster tools.

Next up is one which is frequently searched for or asked about in many blogging groups – how to create your own social media buttons – You may have signed up for various social media platforms to help promote your blog content and to interact with your followers however it is always a good idea to make these channels visible on your home page for new readers/visitors.  By creating your social media buttons you are giving your readers a visual message to connect with you on other channels.  This  post is written by Nickie who is my Blogger Guru for the Blogger platform – there are still many of us left out there.

With Linky’s becoming very popular it may have been your resolution to start your own – if you’ve not yet gotten around to it and are wondering how to create your own grab badge – then Days in Bed has an easy tutorial for making your own, this is specifically for wordpress users but fear not you can find a Blogger tutorial over here.

If you are looking to increase your traffic then Kerry has a great post on how to use Pinterest to your advantage while Jane explains how to add a StumbleUpon sharing button to your posts.

I’ll leave you with those to ponder over this month and hope they have been useful.  If you have a question or a topic you would like covered for next months post then please leave a comment below, or you can email me here or tweet me at @emmys_mummy.


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