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britmums blog talkWelcome to another Blog Talk where I pick a few links from around the World Wide Web that should (hopefully) point you in the right direction when thinking about the “tech” side of your blog.  As usual, if you see any great posts that you think deserve a mention just tweet me a link (@nickie72) and I’ll try to feature them here next month.  Don’t forget, you can even nominate your own!  Anyway, lets get down to business.

  • The buzz word on the internet at the moment is “Pinterest” and it seems that us bloggers are divided when it comes to the terms and conditions regarding the republishing rights of images on the Pinterest platform.  I have a two-step tutorial which explains how you can make your blog “no pin” and Jax from Liveotherwise wrote about taking the Pinterest button off her blog, explaining how images can still be used even if you install the code.  I like the idea behind Pinterest and “pinned” my tutorial to the Unique Geek Speak board (more of that later).  It was “liked” by Pinterest themselves on their own website.  Irony?  The world has gone bonkers!
  • Ruth over at Geekmummy publishes an App of the Week round-up each Friday which points you in the direction of some great apps for your iGadgets for both you and the kids.  This link that I’ve chosen is her “app of the week” category so you can have a browse through her archives and then you can blame her if you find yourself with a lost hour or two.  Have you got any apps that you’d recommend?
  • Katherine from Rays of Light has discovered the wonders of iCloud and it is her new best friend – a MUST if you’re an “iger“.  iCloud also syncs all your documents, iTunes, Calendar, Contacts, your apps and automatically initiates a back up to your iPhone and iPad settings.  Read the full post for more.
  • You may have heard that Facebook are introducing the new Timeline layout for pages.  I’m a big supporter of this and updated my Facebook page hints and tips post accordingly.  I love the layout and some of the facilities that you now have such as being able to choose which updates your fans see first and the ability to highlight a post.  This walk-through from SocialMouths shows you all the juicy details including a snapshot of the new admin panel.
  • Michelle from Mummy From the Heart held a “Newbie Fortnight” in February and you can find a full list of all her guest contributions in her New Bloggers Fortnight Post Round Up.  There are some great posts in there with good blogging practice pointers for all of us, old and new!
  • “Sarah Superflous” is, by her own admission, a blogger, a community manager and works for a PR agency so sits on all sorts of fences when it comes to the PR/Blogger relationships.  She has started a series of posts that invite bloggers and PR’s to share their opinions to make engagement better between the two.  There have been two posts (Week 1 and Week 2) so far and the interaction makes for interesting reading.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved and have your say.
  • At the moment I am being badgered by a number of people (you know who you are…) to move from Blogger to WordPress self-hosted.  I am resisting with all my might.  I know the benefits but Blogger is a safety blanket to me and doesn’t actually cost anything.  Meanwhile, The Boy & Me has written a tutorial that I’ve been reading through which tells me how to go self-hosted so I’ve got that bookmarked for the time I take that leap of faith.  Did you move from Blogger to WordPress self-hosted?  I’d love to hear how it went – the good, the bad AND the ugly!
  • Someone recently described the Parent Blogger group on Facebook as “Twitter but with more space to chat and discuss“.  It’s a closed group which means that discussions DO NOT appear on your public Facebook wall so if you fancy being a part of the group just request to join and you’ll be added as soon as possible – usually on the same day.
  • To round everything up and go back to the original theme of this post, you might like to know that there is a collaborative Pinterest board called “Unique Geek Speak” which has some fabulous pins which lead to great blogging tutorials and top tips.  Far too many to mention but it’s worth following to see the what’s out there in tech terms.  Give me a shout if you want to be added as a contributor.

I hope you have enjoyed my second round-up.  If you’re still looking for something to do then familiarise yourself with Google’s new privacy policy and have a play with their interactive header.  See you again on Wednesday 4th April and don’t forget to send me your recommendations from around the World Wide Web.

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Nickie O’Hara and ‘Typecast’ are all about breaking the mould. Now she’s doing that at BritMums giving us our monthly Blog Chat. Nickie started her blog to release a few demons and tell the world about her difficult and unusual experiences of parenthood. Once she started, she couldn’t stop. With one finger on the pulse and the other on the keyboard, Nickie is not afraid to say it as she sees it. She works hard, is a true procrastinator, drinks wine, is occasionally published and is a Nana in her spare time. In the words of Raymond Babbitt: “She’s all sparkly. She looks like a holiday.”


  1. 07 March 2012 / 12:48

    I love GeekMummy’s app of the week – have filled up my iPhone weekly since I discovered it! And the google interactive header is v cool

    • Nickie
      07 March 2012 / 20:47

      Google always have some good stuff in their blogs – worth a read.

  2. 07 March 2012 / 21:53

    If cost is part of the worry when it comes to moving to self-hosted, there IS a solution. I recently needed to change hosting because my provider was having MASSIVE issues and my site was down more often than not. But because I’d paid up front for 2 years of hosting, I didn’t want to have to pay again and the provider wasn’t going to refund.

    So I looked into it, and it turned out that Amazon offers a year of free cloud hosting to new customers. It is slightly tricky to set up, I’ll be honest. It took us a whole weekend to get it working properly, but once we figured out the actual proper way to do it, it was easy. I may write a post about it, as there were no tutorials that explained it for me. I’m just lucky I have an IT Consultant as a fiance!

    Anyway, because the hosting is free (though there are limits, so if your blog is MEGA popular, you might pay a surplus), the only cost to you is buying a domain, which is really quite cheap (a couple of pounds usually).

    And after the year is up and you have to start paying for it, they are still FAR cheaper than most other providers, and you only pay for what you use.

    Okay, I don’t want to sound like an ad for Amazon, so I’ll stop rambling, but I just wanted to point it out to those who don’t know. If you wanted to TRY self-hosted blogging but were afraid of cost, there is an easy and free way to do it.

    • Nickie
      08 March 2012 / 10:14

      That’s really interesting – something worth considering so thank you for all the information.

      • 17 November 2012 / 20:41

        I like to set a goal for myeslf (and force myeslf to stick to it!). My most recent ripple baby blanket that took forever, I forced myeslf to do one stripe per day. And if I missed a day, I had to make it up. You could set a goal of inches per day, or time per day too. Also, I like making a rule that I can work ahead (do an extra stripe), but that it doesn’t count as the next day’s stripe. That way I’m getting it done faster without cheating![]lindsay Reply:March 20th, 2012 at 8:31 amGood ideas, Charlotte! I like the idea of aiming to finish at least a few rows per day. That should get me finished with it pretty soon (hopefully!)[]

  3. 12 March 2012 / 10:54

    Brilliant. There are about 5 of those posts I want to read immediately. Now could you just include one that adds extra hours to the day please?

    • Nickie
      12 March 2012 / 19:01

      I’m still working on my time machine. I shall let you know how it’s progressing.

      (I’m posting this half an hour into the future, btw)

  4. 08 May 2012 / 21:50

    Thank you for the mention!

    • 09 May 2012 / 08:41

      You’re welcome 🙂