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MBPWSome weeks are good and others are bad and as this one goes it’s been pretty much middle of the road, I still feel like I have one foot firmly in Summer holiday mode and I can’t quite get my enthusiasm back yet to throw myself into work again as I know it’s a long way to the next holiday.

When I’m feeling a bit like this I try to get something in the diary to look forward to, a date, an excursion a fancy meal, anything really to give me a goal to work towards.

In my half holiday mode I’ve also written a list of things I’d like to accomplish this autumn, that includes painting the girl’s bedroom, painting their wendy house in the garden, pulling the potatoes up out of the bags on the patio before I lose them and other household chores that need seeing to asap. I do this in the hope that the act of crossing them off one by one will be incentive to get up and crack on but I’m not even fooling myself right now. So guess I’ll put the kettle on and wait just a little bit longer for my oomph to come back.

Of course it doesn’t help that I’m writing about all the wonderful things I did over the summer holidays like my One Day in Paris for example which was a dream come true.

Let’s see what the BritMums team have been up to this week, Susanna is also still in holiday mode talking about her Newport Beach experience, I love the look of those houses along the water. And Jen too, look, she’s been talking about Segway tours in Barcelona

Kate on the other hand is back in work mode and drumming up awareness with her Read on Get on campaign, can you sign the petition now asking party leaders to pledge that all children can read by age 11?

What about you? Which is your My Best Post of The Week? Add it below and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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  1. 13 September 2014 / 11:58

    I know the feeling! I sometimes feel like that mid-week. It is even worse when you get yourself a little list of things to do but then do not manage to cross it all off, isn’t it?