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MBPWYay for half term, are you ready for it? I’m afraid the weather is not looking good so make sure you have a plan B to hand for wet, windy days indoors. We recently completed The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, the twins adored it and as a surprise I had a go at making Moonface’s Google Buns, they were easy and fun so if you like the book you may want to try them out

If you’re going away, have a wonderful time, for some it’s the first break of the year and possibly a well deserved one too, if you’re going to be writing about your travels then make sure you nudge Trish Burgess out resident Travel editor with your posts as she may want to include them in next month’s round up.

Six weeks have passed since the children went back to school and for me they have flown by, I’m amazed at how quickly time has gone and before we know it it’ll be chocolate time again.

If you haven’t yet do make time to read Kelly Innes’ Good Reads for February, there are some absolute crackers on there.

Time for My Best Post of The Week, add your best post to the Linky below, if you have time visit a couple of others and above all have a fabulous weekend or half term if you’re at home with the kids

Mari x

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