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MBPWI have visions of us all running frantically everywhere; shops, school run, nativity plays, work parties and the supermarket too. We’re all like formula 1 racing cars whizzing noisily around the track and one week from today it will all be calm and peace again and what hasn’t been done, well it can wait. We did our best.

As I write (Friday) the girls will break up from school in a couple of hours and we’ll be heading over to our local garden centre to see Santa and make reindeer food with the elves, we have the twin Christmas party tomorrow, family over on Sunday and one last massive rush on Monday to make sure everything is in place and all the Do’s on the list have been done, phew!

I have found that having a blog has also enabled me to help my friends in 2013 . When I started writing 4 years ago nobody knew what a blog was or what it could do but they have watched from the sidelines and seen how together we can make a huge ‘Wear your Christmas Jumper’ noise or talk about things that concern us. So when I heard one of my friends had invested in a self catering villa in Florida and set up a website to take bookings for it I wrote a post to help him promote it. It is nice being in the driving seat and being able to guide your friend through the minefield that is social media. I’ve chosen that post as my #MBPW, it’s my good deed of December and I’d be ever so grateful if you could share it too and prove to my the non believers that blogging isn’t  a waste of time but a useful tool to be respected.

I shall be hosting the BritMums carnival on the 31st December and my theme is My Best Post of The Year, of course! If you’d like to send me your best post of 2013 to add to it please do so by the 29th leaving me a day to get my post organised.

Next time we speak it’ll be over so allow me to wish you a very happy Christmas, I hope yours is filled with laughter, love and joy and please link up your My Best Post of The Week below


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  1. 21 December 2013 / 10:36

    Having read that post, I now want to be in sunny Florida! Shared it, too. I know what you mean about supporting, it is a great feeling. Now, you’ve also got me pondering my best post of the year – I’ll have a think! Hope you have a lovely Christmas,too.