Beauty round-up: Salon reviews and home remedies

beauty roundup 610 sliderHi! This is my ninth beauty round-up; can you believe it? Doesn’t time fly when you are juggling having fun?!

I have been so incredibly busy these last few weeks; so apologies for the delay in this month’s round-up.  The day job has somewhat taken over from blogging duties (I’m an accountant, so it’s been Accounts submission this month, and we’ve had some personal family issues to contend with), and I have had next to no time for looking after myself.  I’ve even had days when the contact lenses have had to come out in preference to glasses because my eyes have become so tired from looking at spreadsheets on the computer all day; the make-up has been limited to moisturizer, foundation and a splash of blusher or mascara; and the nails are still unpainted.  It’s only today I’ve finally managed to get my hair cut, after my original appointment back in March was cancelled due to snow!

So it was with a level of desperation that I scoured the internet for lovely BritMums beauty posts this month.  I need all the help I can get.  Particularly as I’d been additionally frustrated trying to buy clothes that actually fit me for the summer.  Why is a size 12 not universally the same in all shops?  If you know, please pop over and tell me! It drives me insane – hence the increase in exclamation marks!

And so (sorry for the ramble) it’s time to dive into the Britmums world of beauty blog posts.  Grab a cuppa and settle in.

This month, if I had the time and money and lived anywhere near London, I’d be well prepared to select a beauty or hair salon thanks to Liz’s excellent salon reviews of The House Of Rush and Maximiliano Centini.  They both sound divine and I am seriously jealous.  If you live in the London area they sound well worth a visit.

If you are visiting a salon it would be well worth listening carefully to any pre-visit instructions given to you by the beautician.  Anna’s tale of salon embarrassment is well worth a visit to distract you from the stress of trying to look good.  Sometimes it’s better to perhaps just not bother!

Speaking on salon visits, bring the salon back home with Elemis’ pro-collagan cleansing balm.  It even comes with its own cleansing towel. After reading Multi-Layer Mummy’s review, I am adding it to my wish list!

Or, if you are really lucky, just get someone over to give you a makeover!  Mrs Jones was lucky enough to get a make-over whilst pregnant courtesy of Keungzai and Juno Mum magazine.  The sneak peek pictures look great. I want the bag!

If you are desperately trying to hold back the aging process and want to try something non-invasive to do at home, you might want to take a peek at Mari’s review of the LIFT 60 second facelift.  I must admit to being intrigued, but I’m having trouble getting 20 minutes free in a day to exercise, so finding another 20 minutes to use this treatment on a regular basis would be pretty impossible for me.

If it’s sweet-smelling body scrubs you are after, the Chocomania Body Scrub from The Body Shop is reviewed here.

I am keen to try the Miracle Detangler in the Sprout Hair and Skincare range after reading Sophia’s helpful review.  The products sound great and are certainly new on my radar.  Duly added to my wish-list, which is growing everyday.

This post made me smile, as it sounds exactly like me… seeing a few adverts, realising my holidays are creeping up far too fast, and instead of hitting the gym and eating healthily I hit the shops:  Keeping Boots in Business over at Mamma & Baba.

And that’s it for this month.  I hope you find some useful products to try from this month’s round-up.  Please feel free to keep sending me your beauty posts.  I am intermittently stomping around Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the Britmums discussion boards.  (I do have an off-line life too.  Honest.)

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Louise started writing her blog Yummy Mummy? Really? after becoming a mum and discovering that it was harder than ever to keep looking yummy. Louise is a self-confessed late starter when it comes to beauty treatments and only started wearing make-up 5 years ago after the birth of her first daughter. She blogs both about her attempts to stay looking yummy; with posts on everything from electrolysis to home work-outs; and what she’s learnt as a mummy; from how to change a nappy, what kit you need to feed on the go, and how to avoid toddler tantrums!


  1. 11 June 2013 / 14:04

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks for mentioning Original Sprout in your beauty round up! Did you get a chance to try out any of the Original Sprout products yet?
    Would you like to try and review Sprouts for us, we’d really love you to…..feel free to drop me an email and we can sort something out.

    Best wishes

    • Louise at Yummy Mummy? Really?
      20 June 2013 / 09:18


      Not yet unfortunately. I have a backlog of brilliant products to try! It sounds fabulous though.