BBC news story: Mum bloggers are making money

BBC news story 21 july 2014Brands are increasingly looking to bloggers to get their message out, via both bloggers with high traffic and those in their desired niche.

A BBC journalist talked to BritMums co-founder Susanna Scott recently about mum bloggers and how they are in high demand, with opportunities increasing for perks and income.

“Brands of course are dying to get their hands on these women because it’s all about authentic voices, native content, storytelling,” Susanna told her.

And of course “mum blogger” also means travel blogger, craft blogger, style blogger and so much more. Kirstie Pelling of The Family Adventure Project was interviewed, talking about how she not only writes posts on their own blog, but also takes advertising and creates content for sponsor sites.

Read the entire article hereAnd listen to the radio version too (it starts at 48 minutes 30 seconds).

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