August Beauty Round-Up: Skin Care, Make-up and Novelty Products

beauty roundup blog postsIt’s almost the middle of August! Shall we wave goodbye to the summer and prepare for autumn? I say…NO! The time for the ugly weather will be long so let’s just enjoy the sunshine – well if you are not in London where it’s raining for the rest of the week.

Most of you are still on holiday and like me you forgot about blogging and enjoyed time off with the kids so forgive me if the round-up is more straight forward this month.

So…what you’ve been up to though? What beauty tips do you have to share with us and what is the news regarding beauty products altogether?

Mum of three beautiful little girls Amy Cooper is giving us the steps we need to follow for a quick everyday makeup. Very good and comprehensive tutorial and I hope next time she will add a video too! What do you say Amy? Here is Lisa Gusto giving us the details about her skin care routine – I absolutely love her videos.

Joanne over at Opposable Thumbs is writing about the Memebox Whole Grain – Korean beauty box. I must say I really like the sound of these Korean beauty products and especially the Rice Bran Collagen Masks. Although they are coming all the way from Korea you can order them from UK and Joanne has some discount codes for you too!

Next stop is Becky and her recipe for Honey and Lemon Body Scrub – there is no need to buy your scrub from the shop when this is natural and really good. I tried it myself so you can trust my word but you might need to skip the lemon if you have dry skin.

Staying in the world of homemade and DIY over on Wonderthrift Lucy is giving us the most amazing after sun skin recipes. Can you believe that one of the remedies for burnt skin is mashed strawberries and yoghurt? I would just eat it!

For you ladies with long hair Katie is proposing to you 7 cute hairstyles to try. So why have a bad hair day and not a good hair day? Unfortunately I am useless when it comes to hairstyle my own hair so besides a pony tale I am useless at anything else. I might try a Cute Bun though who knows it might become my new hair style.

On Sophia’s Choice we find out about the benefits of The Earth Works Cosmetics – natural without compromise as she says. And as you know I am always on the look out for natural products, DIY or not, I will definitely consider them as a choice next time I am purchasing skin care products as I really like the sound of that regenerating face balm.

From Leyla over on Potions & Prams we bring you her Ten Time Saving Beauty Buys – from cleansing water to the nail polish remover she is using they are all time-saving products. And why not? It’s good to save time for other more important things like cuddles from your babies. If you need any more tips and advice on what products to use than Chrissy is sharing with us her favourites in Jolly July Favourites. I am looking forward to see what are her favourites at the end of August too.

We are ending this month round-up with a very different kind of post and a question, Do you shave your legs? Who is asking the question? It’s Kate on Thin Ice. Kate has shaved her legs less than 10 times in her whole life and she is telling us why she chose this path and why no myths will frighten her to do otherwise. I recognise that I only epilate my legs when I need to – summer and wearing a bathing suit or a skirt. What’s your opinion about this?

Goodbye for now and enjoy the rest of your summer! See you again in September with more posts about beauty.

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    Thanks so much for mentioning me! Not sure in brave enough for a video yet maybe soon 😉 x

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    Thank you for including me! 🙂 I hope someone finds a great new hairstyle. 😀