Arts & Culture Round-up: Slowing down for summer

Arts and culture 610Phew. We’re nearing the end of the year.

Not the end that falls in the middle of winter, heralded by a whole load of Christmas cultural shenanigans (Panto, blockbuster films, tons of West End shows….and – ahem – Strictly Come Dancing).

No, I mean the high-Summer lull, before the start of a new school year. And September’s return of the mass of theatre shows, films and exhibitions, which help make the endless months of damp, cold and drizzle feel a lot more bearable.

But – as Tattooed Mummy points out in her post on Camp Bestival – it’s good to pause, switch off and sleep for a while. Getting out into the great outdoors while the sun is shining is a great way to reset our body clocks, and what better way to do that than at a festival, where as well as open air there’s a load of music and other entertaining cultural fare (including yummy dinners that stop good food from going to waste)?

Tons of bloggers are going to Camp Bestival this year. For a round-up of who’s who at what sounds like an amazing weekend for all the family, check out this post by Penny at A Residence Blog. Knackered Mother’s Wine Club has some drinking tips for those wishing to partake of a tipple among all that greenery and sound. And Swazi from Chocolate is Not the Only Fruit has produced a guide to the different types of festival goers, based on her experience at this year’s Field Day in Hackney where she got to see the Pixies, no less. Jealous….much!

Of course, not all cultural Summer gigs take place outdoors. Chris from Thinly Spread has posted a guide for anyone planning a trip to London, and wondering what to do with the kids. Museums feature high up on the list and, for those wanting to spend some time slowly perusing an exhibition, there’s plenty to fill the calendar.

The Natural History Museum – a favourite with dinosaur-lovers everywhere – featured in The Diary of Dorothy Whiskers, when Dorothy and her friends happened across some fascinating science projects. And Gretta from Mums Do Travel has posted a comprehensive review of the Museum’s Mammoths exhibition, which is something that certain people in our own household would never forgive us for missing out on.

At the Oxford Story Museum, British writers and storytellers are showcased through the 26 Characters Exhibition. Jenni from Ginger Biscuite has written a vibrant post about the museum, and Clare Mackintosh describes 26 Characters as ‘the best exhibition you’ll ever go to‘.

For anyone looking for photographic inspiration, Jenny at The Gingerbread House has written an informative review of The Dennis Hopper exhibition at the Royal Academy. Something to thrill all those who like to point and shoot, by the sounds of it. And, if you’re planning a summer of developing your own art, and taking your love for writing, blogging or photography a stage further, it’s worth checking out these posts by Joanne from Opposable Thumbs and Honest Mum.

Of course, there’s still a fair bit of theatre to enjoy while the sun beats down outside. Like Moominsummer Madness at the Polka Theatre, which I reviewed on the Pigeon Pair and Me. And, if you’re determined to dream yourself out of the Summer months and into the Autumn/Winter season, you can always look to see what’s booking now for Christmas. Take The Royal Opera House production of The Wind in the Willows, for instance, which Penny Alexander writes about on her blog.

Do you have any of your own arts and cultural tips, for the Summer or beyond? If so, please post them into the comments below.

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