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Oh how I wish I could crochet! It is not through lack of trying, I have watched tutorials on YouTube but have never got passed the basic chain stitch. I have friends who are brilliant at it and have offered to teach me and I think I’ll have to take them up on that offer. I love all the colourful granny squares and it would be fantastic to one day crochet a blanket. I guess it takes time and patience and once you have mastered it – the world is your oyster!

Clearly some people are experts so I have asked a few bloggers to share their tips on how to crochet and what made them start.

Emma from Me and B Make Tea has shared 9 must-have items for crochet beginners. This includes good books to learn from, which crochet hooks to choose, row counters and stitch markers. A really useful read.


The amazing crochet diet! No eating of wool necessary here though. Louise from Pink Pear Bear says that after using knitting to help her give up smoking – she took up crochet to stop her from snacking in the evenings! Great idea.

crochet diet

Georgina from Gee Gardner started crocheting back when her daughter was about 1, she says: “I was about 20 at the time and because having a child ages you approximately 50 years I felt like it was acceptable to start up an “old lady hobby”. I taught myself how to crochet flowers by watching about a million YouTube videos and eventually got the hang of it.” 

Gee Gardner

Justine from Lil Jem and Baby E shares getting hooked on crochet. Justine attended a beginners’ crochet class after being gifted some beautiful baby blankets when E was born, and wished she had the skill to make something just as lovely.
Getting hooked on crochet

Finally Emma from Bubbablue and Me has written about the 10 must have websites when learning to crochet. Emma was taught by her mum,   she remembers making long chains, and having a go at some granny stitches, but never doing a lot else. 

She’s now back into crochet again, and always on the lookout for new projects. Emma says: “Crochet’s great as it’s so versatile, and all the fancy stitches are largely based on only a few basic stitches, so once you can do the basics, you can do quite a lot without too much pain.”


Hopefully this has inspired you to get the hooks out! I have certainly been inspired by Georgina’s amazing creations!

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