April Health Round-up; healthy eating, GAPs and rosacea

health round upAccording to Swan UK “It is estimated that 6,000 disabled children are born each year with a genetic condition that will remain undiagnosed.” Swan UK offer support and guidance to parents of children who are undiagnosed and the support that they offer is invaluable. April 24th was Undiagnosed Children’s Day which was a national event to raise awareness of this often unknown issue. Looking at Blue Sky wrote an inspiring post about her own experience of having an undiagnosed child; Smiley who is now 16.

How many times have you heard or even said that weight loss is simply a question of eating less and moving more? It sounds like a good philosophy, however Lisa at Love in your Tummy disagrees. She offers a different point of view and very in-depth look at why. Read about it in her post; Eat differently, move naturally…?

Still on the subject of healthy eating, Mummy Tries GAPs has made huge progress in her GAPS diet. GAPS is a complete back to basics diet based on natural foods which can improve your health and is particularly useful in dealing with any intolerance. This post is a vlog to mark one whole year on the GAPS diet, which is an amazing achievement.

Kate at Kate Takes 5 has been taking a closer look at what she is eating and in her post; What are you eating?. Kate has always kept an eye on her food labels and tried to make the right choices but the food industry are starting to use some tricks to try to give the consumer what they want from their food and then there is the issue of transportation and mass production. It is a fascinating read as is The Guardian article that she refers to in the post.

Mad mum of 7 has written a really interesting and honest post this month about her personal experience of having a breast reduction on the NHS when she was younger. Even though she became seriously ill after the operation due to an infection, she doesn’t regret her decision. Read her post and find out why she had the operation and why she is happy that she did.

Kara at Chelsea Mamma has blogged about her ongoing battle with Rosacea and in particular the unpleasant reaction to a recent treatment. In her post; what can I do to help manage rosacea? She is still waiting for answers to this problem and offers some sound advice to fellow sufferers.

To finish with this month I have a post that will make you smile. Liz from Me and My Shadow has written a post entitled; You know your partner’s a runner when .., which is a humorous look at life with a runner. She is however very proud that he completed his first London Marathon last weekend, so it isn’t all bad.

If you have written a post about health issues, fitness, dieting or anything health related which you would like included in future round-ups, please leave a link in the comments or tweet me @stressymummy.

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  1. 07 May 2015 / 18:39

    Thanks so much for including my post 🙂

  2. 10 May 2015 / 17:43

    We are members of SWAN UK too. Thank you for covering Undignosed Children’s Day – so important to let parents know they are not the only ones!