Announcing the 2016 BiBs shortlist! #BiBs2016

We’re delighted to announce this year’s crop of shortlisted Brilliance in Blogging bloggers and social influencers. “Brilliance” means so many things. In your nominations you told us what it means to you: talented bloggers always ready with an encouraging word or advice, gorgeous sites, recipes that inspire us, or commentary that gets us involved.

Congratulations to the shortlisted bloggers and a big round of applause to everyone who was nominated and nominated their favourites. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself up for awards and trimming down the list was harder than ever this year.

What happens next?

Vote for your favourite in each category, or — if you’re shortlisted — encourage your followers to vote for you. Five finalists will chosen in each category. Finalists will be announced on 27th May.

We’ll toast all the finalists at the BiBs party on 24th June at BritMums Live and announce the winners at the ceremony that night.

You can find more information on how the BiBs are judged here.

All shortlisted bloggers will receive an email shortly with more information and links to your badges!

Help your favourites – vote for them! Voting closes Wednesday 18th May at midnight.


Fresh Voice

There We Go

Island Living 365

Emma Plus Three

A Cornish Mum

Milton Keynes Kids

Coco Spring

Hello Beautiful Bear

The Less-Refined Mind

Threesy Peasy

The Only Girl in the House


A Mummy Too

Budget Food Mummy

Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Le Coin de Mel

Never Too Much Food

Taming Twins

The Crazy Kitchen

Veggie Desserts

Yiayia’s Kouzina


Cuddle Fairy

Days In Bed

Detrice Matthews

Downs Side Up

Headspace Perspective

Love From Mim


Steph’s Two Girls

The Joy Chaser

Thinking Out Loud

Social Media

Ali Clifford

Bug, Bird & Bee

Coombe Mill

Coupon Mama

Honest Mum

Me and My Shadow


The Dad Network

Tired Mummy of Two

What the Redhead Said


Absolutely Prabulous

Carry On Katy

Eeh Bah Mum

Hurrah For Gin

Not Another Mummy Blog

Susan K Mann

Poet in Motion

R is for Hoppit

The Unmumsy Mum

You Can Take Her Home Now…


Brummy Mummy of 2


A Moment With Franca

Mrs Meldrum

Mother Pukka

Mummy Daddy Me

My Two Mums

Verily Victoria Vocalises

Write Like No-one’s Watching

You Baby Me Mummy


Are we nearly there yet?

Globalmouse Travels

Mini Travellers

Mummy Travels

My Travel Monkey

One Tiny Leap

Space In Your Case

Tin Box Traveller

Wander Mum

We Blog Travel


Capture by Lucy

Extraordinary Chaos

Goblin Child

Hello Archie

Make Light

The Ordinary Lovely



Tea With Ruby

Wild About Here

Beauty & Fashion

Claire Justine


Does My Bum Look 40 in This?

Dress Like A Mum

Mamas V.I.B

Mr & Mrs T Plus 3

Side Street Style

Style After Nine

Tigerlilly Quinn

Zeit My Geist

Art, Craft & Design

Ana Mum Diary

Heart Handmade UK

Hodge Podge Craft

The Imagination Tree

Little Button Diaries

Let’s Do Something Crafty

Red Ted Art

The Spirited Puddle Jumper

The Twinkle Diaries



Actually Mummy

Just a Normal Mummy

Keep Up With The Jones Family

Lamb & Bear

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

Little Hearts Big Love

Mum in Brum

Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

The DADventurer

The Pigeon Pair and Me

Readers Choice

Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays

Coombe Mill

Dad Blog UK

Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl

Heir Raising

My Random Musings

Occupation (m)other


Slouching Towards Thatcham

This Mum’s Life

Vote now and if you haven’t yet got your ticket to #BML16 to party with the BiBs winners and hundreds of other bloggers, click below to secure your place!

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  1. 29 April 2016 / 07:58

    I can’t believe I’ve made this list!!! I’m too excited to do anything other than keep checking it to make sure it really is me!! You’ve just made my year!

    • 29 April 2016 / 08:04

      You’re welcome!! I am emailing all the winners this morning as soon as I finish the press release template which I’m sending to all the shortlisted candidates so you can get some media coverage on your achievement if you wish!

  2. 29 April 2016 / 08:32

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for shortlisting me for social media; that’s fabulous!!
    @incredibusy x

  3. 29 April 2016 / 08:43

    Amazing! So excited to be up for best video as I am a huge YouTube geek! A lovely way to start the bank holiday!

  4. 29 April 2016 / 08:47

    Thank you sosososo much! It’s always such a thrill to be included in the BiBs.

  5. 29 April 2016 / 09:16

    What an amazing list of bloggers, honoured to be included

  6. 29 April 2016 / 09:24

    So excited to see Yiayia’s Kouzina in Food!!! Thank you so much, what a wonderful start to the weekend.

  7. 29 April 2016 / 09:27

    Ohmygoodness!!! This has absolutely made my month!! So, so happy to be shortlisted — I never expected to see my blog there in a million years. Thank you so much!! 🙂 xx

  8. 29 April 2016 / 09:27

    OMG, think I just weed myself a little! AMAZING news!! What a great start to the weekend!! Can you just double check my link also as it’s not linking through the to my blog (think it’s missing the http://) Thank you! x

  9. 29 April 2016 / 09:32

    Hurrah!! I’m so happy!! Thank you so much for shortlisting me for best video!! I’m so excited to be part of this amazing list of bloggers!! 🙂 xx

  10. 29 April 2016 / 09:32

    I actually can’t believe it! Thank you so much for short listing me! I feel so privileged to be among so many talented, fantastic and amazing bloggers! And I don’t just mean with inspire category! ❤️❤️ Xxx

  11. 29 April 2016 / 09:32

    Waaaaa! Can’t believe it, so happy to be shortlisted!
    Thank you 😀

  12. 29 April 2016 / 09:43

    I am shaking. Some of my blog heroes here. Gob smacked. Thank you so much.

  13. 29 April 2016 / 10:02

    What everyone else says, so thrilled I can’t tell you. Thank you so very much.

  14. 29 April 2016 / 10:07

    This must be a mistake no?? How am I shortlisted?! I have no words. Other thank thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Xxx

  15. 29 April 2016 / 10:55

    I am so excited to be on the list, you have made my day!! ( My daughter kept asking on the way to school why do you keep smiling!?) Thank you so much 🙂

  16. 29 April 2016 / 12:27

    So chuffed to have made the shortlist – still can’t quite believe it! Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Good luck everyone!

  17. 29 April 2016 / 18:17

    So excited, thank you so much!!

  18. 29 April 2016 / 18:28

    This is amazing news! Thanks so much. I couldn’t feel any less stylish as I slum it in a hoody, nursing a cold. This has made my day and honoured to be shortlisted amongst So many fab blogs on here too.

  19. 29 April 2016 / 20:08

    Fab to be included – thanks to whoever nominated me (my mum?) and good luck to everyone listed.

  20. 29 April 2016 / 21:10

    Thank you in shock but so happy to have been shortlisted! Amazing and congratulations and good luck to everyone else!!!

    Stevie x

  21. 30 April 2016 / 07:35

    I’m still in total shock! I had to come on again to check it’s still right!
    Goodness there a some many brilliant blogs shortlisted! Well done everyone

  22. 30 April 2016 / 17:23

    Thank you so much I feel so honoured to be amongst such amazing company wooohooo, good luck everyone x

  23. 01 May 2016 / 15:01

    Still trying to process this.This will be my 3rd year being shortlisted in the social media category.I’m in good company, all deserve a place in the final.

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  25. 17 May 2016 / 12:06

    Absolutely shocked and delighted. Thank you to everyone who reads, thinks, listens and supports all we do. H xxx