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Hello strangers! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an Allergies Round-Up, but I am so looking forward to getting back into it and showcasing more blog posts written by some amazing bloggers who happen to be dealing with allergies. Let’s catch up on what’s been going on over the past few months.

School started last month and this is always a time full of anticipation and nervous feelings for parents. These feelings are amplified when you have to also consider food allergies, and sending your child to school means sending them into real danger. I posted a beautiful guest post about a fellow allergy mum’s thoughts on trusting someone else to keep your child alive, warning: you may need a tissue.

Things got a little crazy over on my Facebook page too, when my video about things allergy parents are sick of hearing went viral!

As many of us enter a new school year still worrying about our children missing out, or being excluded from birthday parties and other activities I loved this post from Allergy Girl Eats. She offers a refreshing perspective on food allergies, writing from the perspective of someone with food allergies herself. I love her take on why sometimes it’s ok to be left out.

Nut bans have been in the press lately, after Amy May’s story hit the media. Natalie from Intolerant Gourmand has been discussing whether or not nut bans are the answer and she’s had a huge response. It’s obviously an emotive topic for a lot of people, what are your thoughts on nut bans?

Often when allergies are mentioned in the press the tone is a little negative, occasionally portraying them as ‘trendy life style choices’ instead of life threatening or life altering situations. A Balanced Belly offers her take on that in this great post.

There was huge news over at The Adventures of an Allergy Mummy – the kind of news allergy parents dream of. Theo has outgrown his dairy allergy! This is incredible news for Chloe and her family, and provides so much hope to people dealing with food allergies.

A crazy few months then, and as always with allergies a total roller coaster of emotions. Check back next month for more updates and helpful posts from our awesome community of allergy bloggers.  If you have a post you’d like to be considered for the next round-up please email it to me at [email protected]



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