Allergies Round-up: Lists, lists & more lists

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Welcome back to this month’s Allergies Round-up. This month I’m indulging my love for lists! Here are some of my favourite and most useful lists, written by some really inspirational fellow bloggers.

My whole blog started as a list on my phone, full of dairy and soya free treats. Screenshots of my note section were posted all over Facebook as mums shared the information, and eventually I turned it into a webpage – and my blog was born! My Dairy and Soya Free Treat List is still my most viewed page by far!

Another favourite list of mine is my 10 Things That Don’t Suck About Going Dairy Free post. A lot of the time we write about how hard dealing with food allergies can be, so I think it’s important to restore the balance with some positivity too. 

Le Coin de Mel has put together another great list full of heart warming stories and a little inspiration and hope – 10 stories of allergy diagnosis, written by so many brilliant bloggers. Definitely worth a read.

A really important list from Food Allergy Pantry – when to use epinephrine. Knowing when, and how, to use an epi pen when you have people in your life with severe food allergies is so important, it could literally be life or death.

Eating out with food allergies can be so hard sometimes, and Miss Allergic Reactor has put together a list of eating out related risks that aren’t worth it. An interesting post, do you agree with all of them?

Sometimes as people dealing with allergies we just need to have a good rant, and we can bond over all the things that are a bit rubbish about it. I love this post from A Balanced Belly doing just that, and I bet we can all relate to a few!

So there we go, a few of my favourite lists from allergy bloggers! Have I missed any good ones? Let me know or send them to [email protected] to be considered for future round-ups!

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