Adoption & Fostering round-up: Spring, transition and support

adoption fosteringAnother busy month in the adoption and fostering blogosphere and the start of a new school term for many.  The holidays may be over but hopefully too is the cold weather – was that sun we just had?? Bring on the summer – finally!

Starting this week with Sarah from The Puffin Diaries who ran the London Marathon for TACT yesterday. Go Sarah! How you have the energy for it I don’t know Sarah but well done to her and running for a brilliant cause too. Read her post here and also Sezz at Dear Daughter also blogging about running.

Amanda from All Aboard the Trauma Train has written a lovely post reflecting on spring, transitions and mentioning some special people.  Staying on the theme of change and transition is a blog new to me is Suddenly Mummy about a ‘single woman’s journey into fostering and adoption’ and perhaps the prospect of some exciting news.

Mumdrah and Vicki at The Boy’s Behaviour have had a bit of a tough time and using blogging for therapeutic purposes –sometimes writing things down helps deal with the rollercoaster of emotion and stress that can come with parenting a child who requires special support for their needs.  Vicki has been very busy, meeting after meeting , a long hard slog to obtain the recognition she needs for her son. Mumdrah’s post about those similar frustrations is here – ladies be strong and keep going!

Another new blog to me is ‘Don’t We Look Alike?’ which is a blog by mother and daughter brought together by adoption. Have a good look around, its well written and very interesting! For another Adoptee perspective, read the inspiring blog by Jazz also at All Aboard the Trauma Train. You can also find out about the adoptee perspective on birth family reunion from Adopted In the UK.

The One Hand Man has blogged about routine this month. I love routine – for small children, for adopted children, any children, a sense of routine provides both security and comfort. And it can work wonders for the parent to help keep on top of things. All children also need to learn to cope with a degree of flexibility to help them cope with life’s usual ups and downs but with adopted children sometimes there can be a risk of disruption to them when a routine changes. Read his post here. Fiona Ferguson has also written another fascinating post with her 15 years experience as an Adoptive Mum – she has blogged also about the importance of routine, bedtimes and lack of sleep!

This month’s round-up is relatively short as I have been very busy. Before I was Adoptive Mum to my 3, I used to paint (and work!) and have now started to take this up again  – squeezing in some painting when the little ones are in bed now the evening’s are lighter. I am still blogging but on less regular scale but have promised to write soon about the issues for adopted children around school and photographs taken by other parents – so watch this space!

As usual, please link up below or tweet me your blogs @MaryamLane and look forward to hearing from you for next month! Many of these posts can be found, and more, via WASO or the Weekly Adoption Shout-Out run by The Puffin Diaires and The Boy’s Behaviour so don’t forget to carry on reading there!

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