Adoption and Fostering Round up

adoption fosteringHere we are again with a roundup of some of the great posts out there on fostering and adoption.  We have had a very busy July on The Adoption Social, with our second sore point’s week, this time on contact. So that nicely brings me to start with some of the excellent posts we had contributed to our contact themed #WASO (Weekly Adoption Shout Out).

This post reflects on the upsides of maintaining some direct and letterbox contact with birth family members. However in this post 2 Stars and a Wish, there is also a hope for something more.

In this next post, from Suddenly Mummy, there is valuable and detailed advice to prospective adopters on contact.

This post, on contact, actually appeared on The Adoption Social. Whilst we had many excellent posts on the subject, this perspective from an adult adoptee, Fran Proctor, is a very moving read.

This next post also moved me greatly, as I recognised myself in The Briefest of Moments, I’m sure many others have been to the same edge of despair.

And whilst we all come back from the edge of emotional turmoil, our resilience as parents is ever more apparent, we, like this blogger, survive the Stormy Weather.

I love how this post see’s the same situation from the mother and daughters perspective. A beautiful post on abandonment.

I’m very pleased to see the subject of depression in adoption and fostering, discussed in this post. The question is, can Foster Carers have post Adoption Depression?

This blogger writes with great detail about her adoptive family life and I always admire the thought and commitment which goes into solving some of the many challengers an adoptive parent faces. One of the issues in this post is how to get the child to Go to Sleep.

And finally a couple of more upbeat reads.

Firstly The Boys Behaviour reflects on the calmness which is descending at the end of a very positive school term.

And here the sharing of a first experience, which brings much joy to a family, in Buddy’s First Concert.

So there we have it, a round up full of good reads. If you ever fancy finding more great adoption reads, then head over to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, every Friday on The Adoption Social.

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